A quick, eco-friendly solution for underfloor heating.

No cement, levelling compound or special tools needed, can be fitted yourself in a day. Shop the Cableflor Underfloor heating kit here.

Benefits of Cableflor

  • Mess-free installation

    No screed, glue or tiling required. Simply lay the cable, place the tiles on top and the Karndean grips to the surface.

  • Protect your Cable

    Cableflor protects your heating cable from impacts and heavy furniture, whilst giving you a stable and smooth surface for your covering

  • Retain Access to Cable

    Cableflor system allows you to access the cable should you need to make any repairs or move it.

  • Reuse & Reconfigure

    Easily remove the kit and re-lay it in a new room, ideal if you're moving or for rented spaces.

  • Cost Effective

    The heated cable doesn't sit below concrete but under our Cabeflor tile, which heats heats up quickly and evenly. It not only saves on initial cost of flooring, but on installation and running costs.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Cableflor tiles are made from recycled plastic, and our Karndean tiles are 100% recyclable. It is also much more efficient to run than water underfloor heating systems.


Tried and tested by Elektra Heating

Money back guarantee

10 year warranty

"I have just used Cableflor for the first time, purchasing one of their underfloor heating kits for our cabin at the end of the garden. It was so easy to install, we just needed an electrician to make the connection. And the Karndean tiles look lovely and have a gorgeous feel underfoot. Our cabin is so much warmer and cosier than it was compared when we were using the plug in radiators. Simple and effective, I would 100% recommend." Anna Simmons - Garden Room project


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