At Cableflor, we are committed to being an environmentally friendly manufacturer. Cableflor makes award-winning event flooring out of UK recycled plastic, then remoulds it when it gets worn out - closed loop recycling at it’s best with Zero Waste. Read about our commitments to reduce our impact on the environment. 

At Cableflor, we are committed to being an environmentally friendly manufacturer. All of our products are made here in the UK out of recycled plastic. Read more about what we do to reduce our environmental impact.


We aim to reduce the amount of single use plastics in the events industry - primarily carpet, carpet-tape and polythene used in build up.

We do this by moulding the floor in your own personal colour. Not only do you not need a carpet, but you can also get an exact match to your Corporate Identity and be totally unique. Again, when it looks tired we will remould it for you, so we don’t throw anything away - it's an everlasting floor!

Our underfloor heating kits don’t require any cement based products and can be re-used / reconfigured because they’re not set in stone.

Global cement production creates around 3 billion tonnes of CO2 every year and is the worst emitter after fossil fuels.


Check out our exciting upcoming eco projects

We have bought some ocean plastic waste from Honest Ocean, based in West Java. Indonesia has one of the worst plastic pollution on the planet and Honest Ocean have organised the community to collect it and get paid for doing it. We have made a limited edition Cableflor from this ocean plastic.

Coming in a beautiful teal colour, as a mixture of yellow, green, black and white plastic pellets. Read more about it here, and click here to buy.

We have ordered some new plastic ramped edging that is made from recycled pvc windows, from a company called Falcon Trunking. They have their own recycling plant specifically for end of life windows and doors. This is now available.

We are starting a Plastics Education and Reward Scheme for under 16’s in our area. By collecting plastic waste and giving it to us to recycle we aim to teach them the value of this material and help them to identify them.

As well as a cash reward for their recycling, they can enter our design competition to create a useful household object. For the winner we will draw it up for them on CAD, pay for the design registration and make them a prototype out of recycled plastic. 

Recycling Process