Underfloor Heating Kits

We supply everything you need to lay a heated floor yourself:

high quality Elektra heating cable & thermostat

award-winning raised floor system

Karndean luxury floor vinyl

There's no screed or tiling required, which means it mess-free and so you can access the cable at any time.

You can reconfigure it or even take it with you when you move!

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The Cableflor Heating Kit is a quick and easy way to install underfloor heating yourself.

In loft conversions the floor is usually already insulated, so you can lay it directly onto your loft floor. At only 2.5cm high it is a good space-saving alternative to running hot water pipes or installing bulky radiators.

On a cold concrete floor, such as a garage or cellar, we recommend using 70mm insulation boards and a damp-proof membrane underneath our Heating Kit.

No Screed Required

Our unique Cableflor tiles sit directly over the top of the heating cable - which means there's no need for a concrete screed.

Aside from less effort and no mess, this means you retain access to the cable, so you can take it with you when you move. It's also useful in the unlikely event of a fault.


Cableflor underfloor heating kits have been tested and approved by Elektra Floor Heating.

It proved very efficient when used with our Karndean Vinyl overlays. The Cableflor underfloor heating kit is quicker to heat up than other installation methods, such as a concrete screed, working more like a heater. Simply turn it on when you need it and save on running costs.

Underfloor heating systems can be more energy efficient than other forms of central heating, saving you money on gas and electricity.

Electric systems cost less than 10p per square meter to run at full power for six hours.

Our underfloor heating cable kits cost less than heating mats and have the added flexibility of being able to install it in the exact shape and size that you require. This allows you to fit around obstacles, whereas mats are a predefined shape and can't be trimmed to size.

Installation Service

Our underfloor heating kits are very easy to put together, but we quite understand if you don't want to get on your hands and knees to Do It Yourself.

We can install the kit for you - we're fully insured and experienced. Please get in touch by phone or email to discuss your project, so that we can send you a quote.

Every project is different, so we need your information in order to supply an accurate price.