Retail & Events

  • Simple cable management
  • Bespoke colours & branding
  • Integrated lighting options
  • Time & cost efficient
  • Eco-friendly & recycling incentive
  • Wide range of accessories

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Stone Floor Vinyl

Colorado Concrete

Colorado Concrete

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Best event flooring

Cableflor was originally designed for the retail and events industry. After 25 years of design and project management, we felt it was time for a better method of flooring.

  • simple cable management
  • lightweight and space-saving in transport
  • easy to adjust in size and shape
  • reduce carpet waste in the industry
  • integrated lighting options

We provide personalised temporary floor, that can be moulded in your own colour to match your brand or design scheme. Accessorise with our essential display items.


We won an award for this floor we made for Top Shop at their flagship store on Oxford Street.

award winning floor

You can see more of our work in our gallery, by clicking here

Reuse, recycle, remould

We remain at heart an environmentally-friendly business. Our original product, and still our best-seller, is moulded from recycled plastic waste (PP).

Then we started to make custom colours so users didn't need to lay a carpet, as well as a platform. It's quicker and there's no waste. It's good for at least 10 events and pays for itself after the second show.

Once it's looking tired, return it to us for remoulding - we clean it, grind it down and remake it as new. As an incentive for recycling we offer customers £5 per square metre for their material. This can be claimed against your remould costs or you can part-exchange for a new colour. Unwanted colours are turned into our standard black tiles.