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Cableflor is a low profile, cable management floor system. Only 2cm high, it is designed and made in the UK from recycled plastic.

It's a single component system that simply clips together, so there are no bits to lose on site. Remove a segment wherever your cable needs to surface.

Supplied in metre square sheets for rapid installation - each sheet is made up of 10cm segments which can be torn off to trim to size and shape.

A quick and easy cable management solution to refurbishments, rented property and listed building

Save time and money

Cableflor eliminates the need for chasing out concrete floors and making good, which is a huge time & cost saving. It's also not possible in Listed Building or rented properties.

Cableflor also retains access to cables post-installation, which is invaluable in the event of a fault or an upgrade. Additionally, it makes it possible to move power and data as your requirements change.

It's a lightweight system that just clips together, so it can be fitted by unskilled workers or home owners alike. In a commercial situation this reduces your hourly rate for installation.

This saving is compounded by the speed it can be laid. Two people can lay around 30sqm in an hour depending on the complexity of the cable management

factory flooring

Offices & Factories

The current pandemic has forced huge changes in the way firms operate.

Offices now have to create more space between workers and sometimes the power and data isn't in the right place. Cableflor is a DIY installed solution that can sit directly over your existing floor. Finish with our easy-fit vinyl overlays.

Some factories are now changing their production lines and need to move power for machines, without creating trip hazards. Use contrasting tiles to highlight where the cables are and add social distancing markers.