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underfloor heating cable
underfloor heating cable

Underfloor heating cable

£130.00£290.00 per kit

Underfloor heating cable that works in conjunction with our Cableflor system. Simply stick the cable down in rows that are 100mm apart in the area that needs heating. Using an underfloor heating cable is so much easier than using pre-assembled mats and work out cheaper. The benefit of using a cable is that you can fit it to any shape or size. It’s easy to go around obstacles or areas that don’t need heating (such as under cupboards etc.)

ELEKTRA DM heating cables are manufactured according to IEC800 standard. They consist of a thin heating cable (power output of 10 W/m) terminated with a cold tail cable. You can see more details on their website here.

Supplied with a programmable thermostat.

How to buy

Sold in the following lengths and supplied with a programmable thermostat – you will require approx 10m of cable per square metre of Cableflor tiles:

  • 40m (400W) – £130
  • 45m (450W) – £140
  • 55m (550W) – £145
  • 70m (690W) – £150
  • 78m (780W) – £155
  • 98m (980W) – £175
  • 110m (1100W) – £195
  • 132m (1320W) – £220
  • 165m (1650W) – £250
  • 203m (2050W) – 290

Get your cable and thermostat for free when you order 10sqm or more of our underfloor heating kit!

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Underfloor Heating Cable

Electric underfloor heating is an efficient and space-saving way of heating a room. Our complete Cableflor underfloor heating kit is only 25mm high. As a result, it is particularly useful in loft conversions and other rooms where space is a premium. So there is need to run extra hot water pipes or install space hungry radiators.

Electric systems cost less than 10p per square meter to run at full power for six hours. Our kit also costs less than heating mats with the added benefit of being able to fit to any shape or size & fit around obstacles

All heating is only as good as the insulation in your roof, walls and floor. The electrical connections should be done by qualified electricians.

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