Transition floor ramps

£10.00 per meter

Our clip-on ramped edging attaches directly to the edges of our floor, without any fixings or glue. To fix just lift the edge of the floor onto the flat section of the transition strip. Then lift 45 degrees and push the ramps back onto the floor until it goes click, ensuring the Karndean is captured along the top edge.

How to buy

Transition floor ramps are sold in one metre lengths. Please state whether you would like black or silver in the Special Instructions box at the checkout

£10 per metre


Transition Floor Ramps

Our specially designed ramps simply clip onto the edges of our Cableflor tiles, to offer a safe transition from your floor to ours. They fit snuggly over the Karndean overlays to prevent any trip hazards and to tidy up the edge.

Available in either black or silver, they are extruded from tough PVC and come in 1m lengths. When clipped on they add 50mm to the size of the floor.