T3 Base-Plate

T3 is a very popular ‘twist and lock’ modular system favoured by companies who self-build. Stability is usually achieved by constructing really thick walls, adding returns or even using stage weights. Now you can clamp down quickly to a large underfloor plate, in addition to hiding your power and data cables. Slimmer walls mean less investment and build time, with more space on your stand for selling!

Standard size is 700mm x 130mm, but we can make any size you require depending on the use.

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One of the unique features of our floor system is being able to hide a base-plate underneath the flooring, which can be used to support walls or posts and provide stability. By covering the plate, we can make it a decent size without creating a trip hazard.

Another benefit is that it helps reduce the structure required above the floor, often saving cost and increasing the usable space of your area. They can be used to build stable freestanding walls and to create cantilevers – with cable management!