Bespoke Colours – choose your own

£70.00 per sqm

Save time and money by not using a floor covering – we can mould the floor in your exact colour and the minimum order quantity is only 40sqm. The raised studs keep feet off the high-gloss base to avoid scratching it, so you can keep those eye-catching reflections as you approach the stand.

If you need a quick installation and hate throwing away carpet at every event this is for you – cable management comes as standard.

We can also offer metallic colours, add glitter or larger metal fleck. You can even combine different colours and create walkways or zones to highlight products or to direct footfall – or just create your own utterly unique pattern.

The chamfered edges on the tiles allow it to be rolled up for transport.

When you’re done with it, send it back to us for a £5/sqm discount on your next floor requirement. Why not be part of the circular economy and reduce landfill?

How to buy?

Each sheet is 1 sqm (1000mm x 1000mm). Calculate the area you need to cover and round up.



Sheet size: 1000mm x 1000mm

Height: 20mm

Cavity: 11mm x 33mm every 100mm

Weight: 4.5kgs

Fire-rating: V1 – self-extinguishing

Max Loading: 1560kgs per 100mm square tile

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