Socket Boxes

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Our socket boxes have been specially made to fit the format of our floor system (100mm x 200mm)  – simply remove two of our tiles segments where you need your power or data to surface.

The socket boxes are available to house a single or double socket (not supplied), which can be screwed or bonded to the base floor. The cut-out in our socket box fits all standard sockets.

They are made to be 50mm high off the base floor once fitted, so that they are more visible to avoid trip hazards. This provides plenty of space for the socket back box.

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Socket Boxes

Use our cable management floor system when you can’t use a full height raised access floor. At only 2cm high it won’t impact your ceiling height. Additionally, you won’t need to replace any doors either as they just need a small amount trimming off the bottom.

For use in a situation where chasing out the floor is not an option. Such as a Listed Building or rented property. Alternatively, it could be a low ceiling height or need to travel through door ways. Cableflor is a low profile solution suitable for many different cable management problems.

Our socket boxes have been vacuum formed to fit in with the modules of our floor system. Wherever you need your power or data to surface, simply remove a couple of tiles.

Secure your socket and back box to the base floor using these simple socket boxes. Available as a single or double they work with all standard power and data sockets.