Smooth Printed flooring

£100.00 per sqm

Made from white ABS plastic, we can print direct to the floor using a flatbed printer which also cures the ink with UV. We then spray the floor with 2-3 coats of satin finish seal for protection. A quick, cost-effective solution to provide a promotional floor with cable management – save time and money by not using overlays.

How to buy

Each sheet is 1 sqm (1000mm x 1000mm). Calculate the area you need to cover and round up.

Once your order is placed, please reply to the confirmation e-mail you receive and attach your art file(s) to the e-mail.

Here are a couple of examples from our blog:



Printed flooring is available for you to add your corporate identity or event colours and graphics to Cableflor.  Perfect for promotional events, exhibition stands or retail displays.

Sheet size: 1000mm x 1000mm

Height: 20mm

Cavity: 11mm x 33mm every 100mm

Weight: 4.5kgs

Fire-rating: V1 – self-extinguishing

Max Loading: 1560kgs per 100mm square tile

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