Rubber Ramped Edging


This ramped edging strip is extruded in a flexible rubber so that they can be rolled up in longer lengths, to avoid any joins. They are more heavy duty than the plastic version and are perfect for heavy traffic areas or longer installations.

We also supply a curved moulded rubber corner to match this profile so you can run the ramp all the way around your area, without having to cut any mitres. The radiussed corners offers a unique look and can’t get kicked off.

Standard colour is black but we can also match to any Pantone colour reference. In addition to this there is also a channel on the underside for LED lighting.

How to buy

Ramped edging is sold in 10m rolls – £47.50/m

Rubber corners are sold individually – £48 each

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Our rubber ramped edging is extruded into 10m rolls and fits directly to our Cableflor modular floor system. It offers a very solid transition ramp that is strong enough to drive over. To fit simply rest the edge of the floor on the flat section of the edging. Then push back until it clicks, ensuring the top lip of the edging is over the floor.

There is a channel to the underside that can take a Mini Neon Flex (continuous LED, no dots), so that you can illuminate your edging. An excellent way to highlight there is a step up.

At only 2cm high our floor only requires a relatively narrow ramp to comply with DDA regulations. Essentially, by only devoting a small section of your area to ramps this maximises your overall usable space on the floor, for displays and footfall.

Available in black or translucent grey-blue – custom colours are available upon request.

We also have a curved corner section that is moulded from the same material. These use 250mm of Cableflor when fitted.

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