Rubber Edging – Corner

£35.00 each

We also supply a curved moulded rubber corner to match the rubber ramped edging for a unique look.

Standard colour is black but we can also match to any Pantone colour reference.

There is a MOQ of 20 for custom colours, please allow 6 weeks for production.

How to buy?

Please select how many corners you need for the floor.



Curved edging corners look amazing. They also prevent people from tripping over the corner of your display. For some reason, the public alway love to take a short cut across the edge of a display. Whether it is at a trade show or a shopping mall, the corners will always take the most damage.

Ramped edging strips are essential in order to maintain Health and Safety regulations. If added in a contrasting colour, they can also alert people that they are stepping onto a floor. Our curved edging corners allow this ramp to continue around your area. Additionally, they allow easy access for wheelchairs onto your area. Our ultra low flooring means that this ramp can be relatively shallow. This in turn, maximises the usable space on your stand.

We have moulded our own curved edging corner, which helps set us apart and saves time. As a result, you don’t have to cut a mitre join in the ramped edging strip. These simply push on over the corner of your Cableflor and join up with the side ramps.

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