Recycling Rewards


Re-use our unique cable management floor system until it starts to look tired. Then send it back to us for remoulding, there’s no need to throw anything away.

We offer a £5 per square metre discount for recycling the floor, which can be used against remoulding costs or as part-exchange for a different colour. Unwanted colours are turned into our standard black floor.

Claim your recycling rewards and help reduce waste in the industry.



Recycling Rewards

If you are choosing a personalised coloured floor, you are already helping to reduce waste in the industry by not using carpet or single-use carpet tape – it’s much better for the environment and a quicker and cheaper option than old-fashioned methods.

Our recycling rewards are an incentive to go one step further and recycle your floor after use. It should be good for at least 10 shows, but when it starts getting worn send it back to us for a clean and grind down. We can then either remould the floor back into pristine brand new product, or you can part exhange the material for a new colour.

Help us to embrace the circular economy by making old floor into new floor and throwing absolutely nothing away.

To claim your discount just type in Eco-hero2020! in the coupon box at the checkout, once you’ve ordered your new floor.