Recycled Plastic Floor – Smooth

£45.00 per sqm

Made from reprocessed polypropylene and supplied black, this is our standard floor and is a stock item so we can usually ship in 1-2 days. It can be used as a finished floor surface or it can be covered with vinyl or carpet.

It’s very tough and comes with a lifetime guarantee – any damaged tiles can easily be replaced. Excludes aesthetic surface damage.

How to buy?

Each sheet is 1 sqm (1000mm x 1000mm). Calculate the area you need to cover and round up.



Our recycled plastic floor is made from reprocessed plastic waste. The material comes from old food packaging, crates, toys, CD cases etc. Firstly, it is cleaned up and ground down into raw material. Subsequently, a small amount of virgin material is added in order to retain its structural integrity. It also helps our fixings tabs stay flexible. Because it comes from so many different sources, we colour it black, then we add fire retardant.

Cableflor is designed, moulded and assembled in the UK. We use local suppliers and support the circular economy. We take back all old flooring for a £5 discount per square metre off your next purchase, on a like for like basis.

Sheet size: 1000mm x 1000mm

Height: 20mm

Cavity: 11mm x 33mm every 100mm

Weight: 4.5kgs

Fire-rating: V1 – self-extinguishing

Max Loading: 1560kgs per 100mm square tile

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