Plastic ramped edging

£10.00 per meter

Made from extruded PVC and available in black or silver, these 1m long sections clip onto the Cableflor tile to avoid being kicked off – no fixings are required. This will add 50mm to each side or the equivalent to a single row of Cableflor when on both sides of your area.

Floor coverings can fit neatly under the edging strip to avoid any trip hazards

How to buy?

Please select how many meters around the floor you need. Corners sold separately.  



Our plastic ramped edging strip is really easy to use and doesn’t need any screws or glue. Simply push it on until you hear it click. There is enough flex in the material that it can also fit over floor vinyl or carpet. As a result, you get a neat safe edge on your floor covering if you choose to use one.

These plastic ramped edging strips come in one metre lengths and they add 50mm to each side. In other words, when you fit one to either side of your floor, it adds up to one row of tiles. Consequently, it is easy to fit exactly to your area by simply tearing off a row of tiles from your floor, to suit the width required. It only takes minutes to do and you can clip them back on afterwards.

If you have a special project you are working on, we can also supply these in longer lengths. For an example, please take a look at this blog post:

When ordering longer lengths it is important to take into account your transport arrangements.

We have a selection of clip on ramped edging that is made specially for our floor system. Aside from finishing off the edge of the floor neatly, it also reduces trip hazards and provides easy wheelchair access. Approved by health and safety executives for use at shopping malls, event venues and exhibition halls.