Metal Ramped Edging

£85.00 per meter

Our metal ramped edging is extruded from aluminium and adds 100mm to the floor which attached. We machine the edging to length and mitre the corners for you. Prior to cutting, we send you a dimensioned drawing that shows the individual lengths.

These ramps sit over the floor edge and are fixed by screw through the Cableflor, and covering if you are using one.

Each section is joined together with steel pins that slot into the pre-drilled holes. The mitres are supplied with right-angle metal pins to hold the joint together.

Maximum length of section is 2.2m. Price includes all machining and mitres.

Excludes vat & delivery

How to buy

Please select how many meters around the floor you need.

£85 per linear metre, including mitres & holes (inc VAT)

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Metal ramped edging

Designed to fit our unique modular floor system, this tough metal edging is perfect for retail and long-term sites. It screws directly the flooring to provide a sturdy ramp that is really easy for wheelchairs and buggies to use. At only 2cm high our floor only requires a relatively narrow ramp to comply with DDA regulations.

Essentially, by only devoting a small section of your area to ramps this maximises your overall usable space on the floor, for displays and footfall.