Matt Flooring

£55.00£70.00 per square metre

  • simple cable management
  • lightweight and space-saving in transport
  • easy to adjust in size and shape
  • reduce carpet waste in the industry
  • integrated lighting options

Each metre square sheet is made up of 10cm tiles. You can easily trim the floor to fit your shape and size, by simply unclipping tiles or tearing off rows. Click here to watch the assembly videos.

We can mould the floor in your own personal colour, so you don’t need to lay a floor covering on top. This saves time and money, but also helps to reduce carpet waste and single-use tape. When it starts to look tired, send it back to us for remoulding and claim our recycling reward

Also available in Black, which is made from recycled plastic. Free social distancing tiles with every order.


Each sheet is 1 square metre (1000mm x 1000mm). Calculate the area you need to cover and round up.

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Re-use, Recycle, Re-mould

Re-use our unique cable management until it starts to look tired. Then send it back to us for remoulding, there’s no need to throw anything away. We offer a £5 per square metre discount for recycling the floor, which can be used against remoulding costs or as part-exchange for a different colour.

Add social distancing markers by inserting a contrasting colour tile wherever you want – these are free of charge with every order. Alternatively, you can use our LED tiles for premium displays which are available here

Sheet size: 1000mm x 1000mm

Height: 20mm

Cavity: 11mm x 33mm every 100mm

Weight: 4.5kgs

Fire-rating: V1 – self-extinguishing

Max Loading: 1560kgs per 100mm square tile

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