Heated Floor Kit

£125.00 per square metre

Our underfloor heating kit is a complete solution that can be fitted by anyone – without the need for special tools or training. It comprises of:

  • Elektra underfloor heating cable and thermostat, for the heat
  • Cableflor modular floor system, to cover the cable
  • Karndean luxury vinyl tiles, to finish your floor

Price includes VAT plus free delivery and tutorial for UK mainland order

How to buy:

In order to make it as easy as possible, the kit is priced at £125 per sqm including vat & delivery

Measure your required area and round it up to the nearest square metre.

Click on the big picture to your left and scroll through the full range of Karndean luxury floor vinyl – the names are underneath each picture.

For a free sample of the Karndean, please email us at sales@cableflor.co.uk

Price includes VAT – free 7-day delivery to UK mainland

Enter the name of your Karndean choice at the checkout.

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Heated Floor Kit

Our raised tile protects the heated cable from any heavy furniture and eliminates the need for any self-levelling compound or tiling adhesive. It is an ideal system for people who have no experience or tools required to mix up cement based products or laying ceramic tiles. Our raised tile gives you a nice flat surface to lay the floor vinyl on top, whilst retaining the radiant heat properties required for underfloor heating.

Simply stick the cable down in rows that are 100mm apart in the area that needs heating. Then lay the Cableflor on top and clip together – you can tear off segments and rows to trim to shape. Top it off with the Karndean luxury vinyl tile to complete your installation – there are 39 different finishes to choose from.

It’s a mess-free, environmentally friendly solution – save on installation costs by assembling it yourself. There are no tools or skills required and it can be done easily over a weekend.

Connections need to be made by a qualified electrician.