Freestanding Post

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A space-saving and indispensable multi-post, to attach screens and iPads. The base is hidden under our floor to prevent trip hazards and the cable management continues up the post and into your device.

This post locks directly into our floor plate for rapid assembly and is made to your own preferred height.

It can be fitted with a beautifully engineered iPad holder, which can be rotated in all angles and fitted at any height.  Supplied with a Home Button shield. Locks into the groove on the post at any height on any side. We also have a monitor bracket, shelf and brochure holder which can all be attached to the post in any combination.

The multi-post has a sprung door for easy access to electrics and it is big enough for the iPad charger, so you can plug them in for continuous use.

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Freestanding Display Post

Continue the cable management from under the floor and into our unique freestanding post, straight to your device.

The post is supported by a large underfloor base for maximum stability & minimal visual space. This clever concept only uses 10cm square of floor space and has no trip hazards.

Fabricated from a modular system called Octanorm, this exclusive design locks directly into the underfloor plate with a torx key for a quick an easy assembly. The post has a hinged door to one side which provides easy access to cable management. Inside it is big enough to house an extension lead and a charger.

There are a number of accessories available with the post: lockable ipad holder, monitor bracket, shelf and brochure holder