Plastic ramped edging

Floor ramped edging made from extruded PVC, that are specially designed to clip onto our Cableflor system, no fixings or screws are required.  They are available in black or silver and our standard length is 1m for easy transport.

Once clipped on it will add 50mm to each side or the equivalent to a single row of Cableflor when on both sides of your area.

Corners sections are slightly longer lengths that are mitred, to cover one metre of Cableflor. We can pre-cut these for you, but it’s also good to cut them on-site if possible.

Occasionally we have longer lengths in stock, so please get in touch if you have a special request.

Prices from £8 per metre

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Our simple edging strip just clips onto our flooring and comes in one metre lengths. We have slightly longer lengths for the corners which we pre-mitre and supply in pairs. Use these to make a corner on site and to give your floor a neat boundary that your visitors can see easily.

Alternatively, you can mitre these yourself and we will supply standard lengths to you.

Examples of our edging can be seen in our blog.