Heavy Duty Base

£125.00 per unit

The reason our Lightwalls are the most stable on the market. Laser cut from 6mm steel with a welded upstand, to fix higher up on the structure – this sits flush with the floor so can be covered with carpet or vinyl.

We use a chunky 80mm square bottom beam to the base of our freestanding walls, to avoid any flex when the wall is pushed. We can make the plate any size to help create stunning monoliths.


One of the unique features of our floor system is being able to hide a base-plate underneath the flooring, which can be used to support walls or posts and provide stability. By covering the plate, we can make it a decent size without creating a trip hazard.

Another benefit is that it helps reduce the structure required above the floor, often saving cost and increasing the usable space of your area. They can be used to build stable freestanding walls and to create cantilevers – with cable management!

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