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Reuse. Reconfigure. Remould.

If you're serious about reducing your carbon footprint at live events this year, the easiest and biggest impact is to ditch the carpet.

Cableflor combines a finished floor surface with cable management in one easy to use module - highly personalised floor kits, we mould to your own colour and offer a wide range of accessories including integrated lighting, space saving display products and a variety of ramped edges.

Quick, adaptable and practical - but above all sustainable.

Sustainability isn't boring

It's not a compromise on your brand, the quality of your stand & it's not a case of going without.

It's a creative and enterprising niche of our wonderful event industry, it will help you to stand apart from your neighbour and won't cost the earth.

Thank you to the Event Production Awards for recognising our efforts to reduce carpet waste and single use plastics.

sustainable events

Next Day Black

Timeless classic black flooring, with built in cable management. Moulded in Surrey from UK recycled plastic.

It's always in stock and we can deliver next day - if you need it same day, even if it's the evening or weekends, call our hotline on 07768 734235 and we'll move heaven and earth to get it to you.

Try inserting some frosted tiles for LED detailing - it's super simple!

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black event flooring

Zero Waste Custom Colours

Moulded in your own personal colour from high quality virgin plastic, for maximum remoulding potential.

Pure closed loop recycling, nothing is wasted only reproduced.

Moulded in your Pantone or RAL, good for at least 10 events.

When it starts to look tired, send it back to us for a remould - we'll clean it, grind it back down and re-use your material to return you a new floor.

Match Corporate Identity or graphics for a more cohesive stand design

Mix colours to create walkways or zones, even direct footfall

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custom coloured flooring

Clients Own Plastic

Send us your own PP plastic waste (number 5) and we will recycle it into your event flooring - create your own sustainable story, we can film the process for your PR

- smaller pieces and dust are separated and used to print personalised or branded tiles

- at only 5kgs per sheet, you don't need to supply tonnes of plastic waste

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sustainable events

Limited Edition Marine Waste

Fully traceable to the beaches and river beds of Indonesia, which has the worst ocean plastic pollution after China

Bought from Honest Ocean in Java who provide employment to locals who collect and process the waste, giving the material value as a reusable commodity - read the blog

Moulded into Cableflor in Surrey, England

10% of sales are donated to UK charities that help keep our own coast free from plastic

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marine waste flooring

Your own personal surface

If you are an agency with a lot of different clients, then you might be interested in having your own personal surface.

One of our tools has a removable plate, designed for offering clients a custom finish during the moulding process, for the minimum cost.

Whether you are a brand, a venue or a modular system manufacturer, contact us for your own version of Cableflor.

Benefits of Cableflor

  • Lowest and lightest cable management floor system, 1 cubic metre = 50sqm coverage

  • We can mould the floor in custom colours, so no need for carpet and we can add eye catching lighting

  • Supplied in metre square sheets for rapid installations, no fixings required

  • Reuse and reconfigure again and again, and when it starts to look tired, we will grind it down and remould it for you.


LED Light Track to create eye-catching design or direct footfall. They are static or programmable.
LED spots or uplighters.
Flush-fitting illuminated floor graphics.

Floor Edging

Aluminium, rubber and plastic ramped edging for a smooth transition to your floor.


Our own range of matching essential display products, that integrate with our floor.

The range includes: Brochure Holder, Graphic Stand & Monitor Stand, plus we can fabricate variations to specification if you want to create tables, add lighting, etc.


Our Clients Include

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