We're very proud to make something useful out of plastic waste!

When they first appeared 150 years ago, plastics were heralded as the saviour of the environment – preserving the planet’s supply of wood, metal, stone and saving countless animals hunted for bone, tusk and shell.

These days this valuable resource is being thrown away and not being remoulded into new products, which is its greatest asset. Instead, plastic waste is choking the earth in land and sea.

Plastics: environmental saviour or assasin? Read our blog here for the facts.

Cableflor was originally designed for use in exhibitions and retail displays. There is a huge amount of floor waste in these industries and we thought there could be a better way.

Over 5 million square metres of carpet is thrown away every year in the UK after a few days use. About half is recycled and the rest goes into landfill - along with all of the carpet tape and polythene covers used in build-up.

We mould our cable management floor to your own personal colour, so you don't need a covering or any tape. When it's starts looking tired send it back to us for remoulding - it can be floor for life! Closed loop recycling at it's best - watch how we do it....


Eco-friendly Underfloor Heating

Our underfloor heating kit doesn't require a screed to be used with the cable. Aside from saving a lot of mess and effort, this means a little less cement is needed in the world. The cement industry is one of the main producers of carbon dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas.

In addition to this, our floor system is moulded here in the UK, from plastic waste. Underfloor heating is a cost effective and efficient way of heating rooms, which ultimately save energy.