heated floor kits

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  • Heating cable, raised floor & overlay
  • No concrete screed required
  • Mess free, DIY installation
  • Access to cables, post-installation
  • Eco-friendly & cost-effective
  • Ideal for loft rooms, garage rooms, basements


cable management

floor system


raised access 

floor system

refurbishment flooring


  • Low profile cable management floor
  • Ideal for refurbishments and listed buildings
  • Time and cost savings for contractors
  • Minimal loss of ceiling height
  • Single component system, no skills or tools
  • Recycled plastic and fire-rated
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a quick &

easy way to

cover cables

refurbishment flooring

Events & Retail

  • Simple cable management
  • Bespoke colours & branding
  • Integrated lighting options
  • Time & cost efficient
  • Eco-friendly & recycling incentive
  • Wide range of accessories
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add a covering

or keep

it naked

home office ideas

Home Offices

  • Raised floor for cable management and thermal gap
  • Free-standing wall frames
  • Bespoke printed fabric infills
  • Illuminated graphic walls
  • DIY installation
  • Convert garages, basements, barns and sheds
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We're very proud to have picked up a few awards along the way

Heated FlooringRefurbishmentsEvents & RetailHome Offices


supplied in metre squares






lay out & position power/data

remove segment & run cable

clip together sections

fit to size by tearing off rows

clip on ramped edging

How does it work?

how to install underfloor heating

How to install




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Re-use, reconfigure, recycle

We are proud to make something useful out of recycled plastic.

Our event flooring was designed specifically to reduce carpet waste in exhibitions, which are thrown away after just a few days use. We combine cable management with bespoke colours, so that a covering isn't needed. When it starts to look tired, we grind it back down and remould it, so it is brand new again whilst generating no waste.

We also buy back unwanted floor for £5 per square metre, so that we can re-use the material to make new floor.

Our heated floors also help the environment, as they don't require any cement, which is the 4th biggest contributor of CO2 after coal, oil and gas.

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