Why use Cableflor?


Eco-Friendly floor

In today’s throw-away society and the high levels of one-use plastics, it’s imperative that we support the recycling process and re-use as much plastic as possible. Our standard flooring is made from recycled polypropylene, which comes from a variety of sources including food containers, CD and DVD cases, water bottle lids, medicine bottles, old toys and crates.

We can also mould the flooring to match your exact colour, so you don't need a floor covering. By combining cable management with colouring, no carpet or floor vinyl is thrown away afterwards. When you want a change send it back to us for recycling.

We support the circular economy and to encourage the recycling process, we also offer a £5 discount per sqm on your next floor purchase when you return your old Cableflor, for us to regrind and remould into new black flooring.

Great Design Tool

If you are exhibiting or running an event or promotion, then the floor is usually the biggest surface area, so why not use it to make a bigger impact and integrate it into your overall design?

In addition to our standard black Cableflor, we can also mould the floor in your own specified colour to save you valuable time during installation, by avoiding expensive overlays. Mix and match colours to create your own unique design - add walkways or highlight plinths and products.

We also have a range of integrated lighting - uplighters, illuminated floor graphics, colour-changing light-tracks, which can draw attention to your area. We can also print textures, patterns and slogans direct to the floor.

Ideal for exhibitors who choose to build their own stands - keep reconfiguring the floor to get the most out of each show, add colours to your palette or chop it in for a something else when you want a new look.




It is Ultra Low

If you are in a rented office or a listed building and your requirements are changing, then Cableflor offers a quick and flexible solution to cable management, without impacting the fabric of the building.

At only 2cm high our flooring has little impact on room heights and doorways, making it ideal for any retro-fit work that requires cable management – especially where it’s not possible to chase out floor or walls.

Doors can usually be planed down to accommodate the flooring, rather than being replaced and we can offer a wide selection of threshold ramps if required.

This also makes it an easy and cost effective solution for rented offices or garage/basement conversions, whilst also offering an air-gap or thermal break between a concrete floor and a covering.

Ideal to Save Space

Cableflor can save space in three distinct ways:

•  at only 2cm high, a cubic metre stack of Cableflor will cover 50sqm, saving space in storage and transport

•  the low height means that DDA compliant ramps only take 50mm off your usable space

•  our unique underfloor foot-plates free up your area from unnecessary structure


Structural Footplate

Aside from cables, we also use the cavity under the floor for structural fixing plates. These are unique to Cableflor, and work by acting as support bases to walls and other fixtures. This ensures that any trip hazards are eliminated, also freeing up valuable space on your area.

The bases can be made to your specification depending on what your structure consists of and where it is positioned. These might be walls, island features, shelving, ipad stands or office furniture such as desks.

The plates are compatible with modular systems (Octanorm, T3, BeMatrix) or welded with fixing bolts for custom built solutions.

Really Easy Fit

Rooms or event space are very rarely exactly a metre or half-metre, which is the standard panel size for most floor systems

Cableflor is unique because it can be trimmed to the nearest 100mm by simply tearing a section off the sheet. This can be clipped back at a later date if required

There is no cutting or tools required, which means fitting the floor into rooms or around columns is extremely quick and doesn’t require experienced or skilled fitters.

Wherever you need your cable to surface on your area, you just need to remove a single tile – it is easy to reposition this once the floor has been laid.