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About 15 years ago, when our founder Lee Cooper was still designing exhibition stands and events, he was asked to design a product launch for Bosch Siemens which was to be held at the Falkirk Wheel. This is where his interest in eco-friendly alternatives started.

Bosch Siemens were launching a whole new range of environmentally friendly home appliances, which used less water and less electricity than their competitors. The design brief was to source the most eco-friendly materials to build the structures.

All the walling was made from recycled cloth stretched over curved timber frames and then rear projected with pictures. There were coffee tables made from up-cycled washing machine drums, and printed cardboard towers in the reception.

In the main area, large trees were brought in surrounded by seating made from cardboard and edged with the trim from car windows. Throughout the exhibition, eco friendly LED lighting, water soluble paints and recyclable carpet was used.

Even back then, there were pioneering suppliers who wanted to offer environmentally friendly alternatives for events and exhibitions - you had to dig a little deeper, but they were already starting to make a difference.

Since then, Lee wanted to contribute to this movement and decided to focus on the problem of single use carpet in the events industry. Anyone working in the industry will have seen the mountains of carpet left in the halls at the end of the show. Whilst some of it is recycled into low grade pellets, a large proportion is incinerated or goes into landfill. On top of this there is polythene sheeting which covers the carpet during build up, as well as carpet tape. Perhaps it would be better to not have carpet at all?

He designed a reusable, modular floor system made from recycled plastic, Cableflor. It has been incredibly popular for events, and Cableflor has had the privilege to work with brands such as Porsche, Sky, Dior and Kia. Its use extends to exhibitions, roadshows, listed buildings and TV studios, and has won several design awards.

Today, Cableflor has developed and evolved into a creative and design led alternative to platform floors covered with carpet. By combining colour with cable management, it can match Corporate Identity colours or the wall graphics for a more cohesive design.

There is now a wide range of accessories including three types of ramped edging, illuminated floor graphics, space-saving display products and integrated light tracks and uplighters. Click here to get in contact about your next event.

Since the 2020 lockdown, the flooring had to diversify into other areas and it is now used for refurbishments, underfloor heating and home offices.

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