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Carpet for Events – sustainable and creative alternatives

If you’re serious about reducing your carbon footprint at live events this year, the easiest and biggest impact is to ditch the carpet.

At COP26, The Net Zero Carbon Events pledge was launched and the industry has been encouraged to sign up. Paper straws and vegan caterers have their merits but if you want to make a proper difference then dropping carpet will save thousands of tonnes of single use plastic every year.

Factor in carpet tape, protective polythene used during build up and trucks to take it to and from site, the carbon footprint really starts to add up. Some carpets are recyclable, potentially made into pellets but as it’s already a low grade material to save cost, it can only be made into low grade products – how much of it is actually recycled and not just incinerated is another matter. Considering the transport to and from site and running the actual machines, even using recyclable carpet is a huge misnomer.

Flooring and graphics are the biggest area of waste in the industry. Graphics can be re-used, especially branding, and new recycled materials and substrates are being developed all the time. Flooring on the other hand hasn’t changed for 50 years, with the exception of re-usable platform floors to hide cables.

Cableflor focuses on cable management combining it with design-led options in terms of lighting, texture and colour. At the heart of it though is sustainability and we have many different entry levels if to suit all budgets:

Next Day Black

Classic black and frosted inserts for LED detailing – always in stock and available for next day delivery (same day if you’re desperate, we know the score).

– timeless and classy, good for at least 10 events

– moulded in Surrey from UK plastic waste

– send it back for a remould when it starts to look worn

– pays for itself after two events

Zero Waste Custom Colours

Moulded in your own personal colour from high quality virgin plastic, for maximum remoulding potential. Pure closed loop recycling, nothing is wasted only reproduced.

– moulded in your Pantone or RAL, good for at least 10 events

– match Corporate Identity or graphics for a more cohesive stand design

– mix colours to create walkways or zones, even direct footfall

– pays for itself after three events

Clients Own Plastic

Send us your own PP plastic waste (number 5) and we will recycle it into your event flooring – create your own sustainable story, we can film the process for your PR

– smaller pieces and dust are separated and used to print personalised or branded tiles

– cheaper than standard Cableflor as you are supplying the material

– at only 5kgs per sheet, you don’t need to supply tonnes of plastic waste

Marine Waste

Fully traceable to the beaches and river beds of Indonesia, which has the worst ocean plastic pollution after China

– bought from Honest Ocean in Java who provide employment to locals who collect and process the waste, giving the material value as a reusable commodity

– moulded into Cableflor in Surrey, England

– 10% of sales are donated to UK charities that help keep our own coast free from plastic

Cableflor is an established and award-winning floor system, designed and made in the UK.

By combining a platform floor and finished surface, you only have to lay one floor, which saves valuable time for your installation so that you can crack on with building your structure. It also mean that you retain easy access to your cable

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