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Zero Waste Event Flooring – nothing is wasted, only reproduced

Cableflor makes the only zero-waste event flooring in the world. We combine cable management with colour, so there is no need for any carpet, tape or protective polythene.

We mould the floor system in any colour you want, so you can match your corporate identity or graphics exactly for a more cohesive design, whilst running all of your cables underneath.

Re-use and reconfigure your personalised floor system until it starts to look worn, then send it back to us for a remould. We’ll clean it, grind it back down to granules and mould it back to brand new stock.

How it started

Events by their nature have lots of cables, as lights, screens and computers are essential accessories. For a lot of exhibition stands and displays, this means laying a platform floor and covering it with carpet to hide the cables.

This is how it’s been done for over 60 years and mountains of carpet is thrown away after just a few days’ use, together with miles of carpet tape and protective polythene sheet used during build up.

It’s a lot of unnecessary work and when build-up times and budgets are smaller than ever, it’s also incredibly old fashioned. On top of this, every other aspect of event building has evolved, as we are seeing lightweight aluminium structures, low-energy LED lighting, digital screens and stretch fabric graphics.

According to the 2016 SASIE report, there was almost 7 million square metres of events in the UK for that year alone. And while it’s difficult to estimate how much of that was carpeted, a conservative guess of two thirds would have amounted to 4.75 million square metres, or 6 million tonnes of carpet thrown away after a few days use, in that year alone.

Some of this event carpet is recycled into low grade pellets, but it cannot be made into new carpet. On top of this there are thousands of miles of double-sided tape and millions of square metres of polythene, that just goes into landfill or an incinerator.

Polythene sheet used to protect carpet during build-up.

How it’s going

Next month we have our own recycling machines being installed, so we will be able to start closed loop recycling of our floor system in-house.

With each custom colour that we granulate ready for a remould, we will be able to blow out the chamber to avoid any contamination of colours, which ensures your material always stays pure.

We will also be able to recycle other sources of plastic to make event flooring. If you or your clients have damaged / obsolete products, crates, or packaging made from PP or ABS, we can repurpose this into flooring for your next event. Not only does it prevent more plastics going into landfill, it will also create a great story to inspire others to consider ways of re-using their plastic waste material.

Instead of using protective polythene during build up, we can supply you recycled rubber sheeting made from old tyres. This isn’t slippery like the polythene sheet, and you don’t have to cut round all of your structure to get rid of it before the show opens.

Our floor system is really easy to wipe clean, unlike with carpets which spoil really easily and it’s difficult to remove stains or marks. If there’s any damage to our surface it’s quick and easy to pop out a tile and replace it, with a carpet it’s usually a case of having to cover it.

Sustainable doesn’t mean boring

Our floor system is design led, so be creative as you want. Mix and match colours to create zones or walkways. Having a stock of colours means you can reconfigure your floor for each event.

zero-waste event flooring
Custom colour and frosted Cableflor tiles, with light tracks and uplighters.

We have the facility to pre-build each floor before it goes out, then stack it into easy-to-follow pieces for a super-quick installation on site. This gives you more time to set up your stand and prep for the event, as you can’t build anything until your floor is down and the electrics are in place.

Use our frosted tiles to integrate LED lighting into your design. Highlight hero products, uplight graphics, programme LED’s to guide footfall or even make them interactive and have some fun. Not easy to do with carpet on top of your platform.

zero-waste event flooring

Not only is Cableflor is a modern, modular floor system and it’s a useful and adaptable piece of kit in your toolbox, in the same way as modular system – it just happens to also be extremely sustainable.

There are benefits to being the lowest and lightest floor system on the market:

  • transport and storage: a cubic metre of Cableflor covers 50sqm and only weight 225kgs
  • three types of ramped edging (recycled plastic, illuminated rubber or aluminium), which only takes away 10cm of your valuable space whilst remaining DDA compliant.
  • underfloor fixing plates: we have a range of space-saving display essentials with no visible base to trip over. Our unique multi-posts support ipads, monitors and touchscreens.
Posts can be secured within the floor, with flush fitting lighting, for a modern look while removing trip hazards.

We can also make up your flooring in custom surface pattern or branding. One of our moulding tools has a removable plate, so we can make up your own personalised design, and whichever colours you choose to run, it will always be unmistakably yours. This option perfect for an agency or big brand.

custom event flooring
Custom Cableflor colour and tiles.

The Net Zero Carbon Events pledge

We have signed up to COP26’s Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge, and have laid out a three stage plan to achieve that goal:

Stage 1:

We’re well aware that although our flooring can save millions of tonnes of carpet, tape and polythene, it is also made from virgin plastic (when moulded in custom colour) and so it’s not the complete solution. However, we pledge to recycle our virgin plastic event flooring into new – any unwanted colours will be recycled into a standard black floor.

Stage 2:

Utilise unwanted and existing plastic as the sole source of material. We believe there’s enough plastic in the world, and we aim to recycle plastic waste from all areas. Recently, we have launched a limited edition Cableflor made from ocean plastic waste, read more about it here.

We also have a 3D printer coming at the beginning of February 2022 and we aim to recycle plastic and create one off designs for events, using the clients’ old material. This can be anything from planters, to illuminated logos or even chairs.

Stage 3:

Start creating our own power from sun and wind to run our machinery, light and heating. We’re located at the top of a hill in the Surrey countryside, and our roof is completely exposed to the sky and the wind roars up the hill. We are lucky to capitilise on this great environment for producing our own energy. We will also switch our vehicles to electric.

zero-waste flooring

Like everyone, we’re not perfect and have a long way to go. Our flooring has evolved from 10 years ago being designed to be covered with carpet, to now replacing carpet. We hope to keep moving in the same direction. But for now, we hope to help eliminate the use of single-use event carpet, a huge source of waste in the events industry. Contact us here to find out more.

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