The Sustainable Events Show 2021

Last week, Cableflor had the pleasure of exhibiting at the inaugural Sustainable Events Show held in the Conservatory in the Barbican. We were joined by dozens of other exhibitors who are leading the way in making the events space more sustainable.

Organised by Wesley Mendy and Dan Bearpark, experts in the field of events and hospitality, the one-day event hosted talks on sustainability about this notoriously wasteful field. The event was a huge success, and event producers and designers showed up to learn about sustainable alternatives in events.

The beautiful backdrop of the Conservatory was home to 80 exhibitors and held talks throughout the day.

We had the opportunity to meet many amazing sustainable event companies, here are a few who we spoke to:


Isla work with suppliers and individual brands to provide practical guidance and support on environmental issues by bringing together expertise from across the events sector. 

We love their model of setting long and short term goals towards more sustainable practices, so that you are constantly moving forward and achieving targets. They use quantifiable measurements of success so you can easily track improvement or which areas need more attention.

Re/ward Events

Re/ward Events was founded by Danielle Ward after working in the events industry for many years and becoming frustrated by the excessive amounts of waste created after each event. Re/ward is a sustainable event management company providing management, supplier and venue sourcing and consulting and education.

With expertise in holding sustainable events and contacts for suppliers, Re/ward events help companies understand the importance and ease of making their events more environmentally friendly.

Creative Output

Creative output fill the need for temporary yet durable furniture in events, by creating them out of recyclable cardboard. Their amazing designs were used throughout the event as durable exhibition stands for each exhibitor and even large cardboard chairs for the speakers and audience.

Each piece of furniture is made from certified sources promoting responsible forestry management, and are all of course recyclable!

There were many suppliers of eco-friendly event alternatives exhibiting, some of our favourites include:

Norse Supply make sustainable sitting suits for outdoor events from eco-conscious materials.
One water is an amazing company that funds clean water projects across the globe through the sale of their eco-friendly water bottles, having raised over £20 million so far.
identilam create recycled and recyclable identity badges and eco-friendly lanyards replacing single-use plastic badges in corporate events.

We had a great time at the show, meeting lots of companies making a difference in the industry and introducing people to Cableflor, a sustainable solution for event flooring that avoids single-use carpets. We also took the event as an opportunity to unveil our limited edition ocean plastic waste flooring, made from 100% recycled plastic collected from our oceans. We sourced the plastic from Honest Ocean who provide traceable and certified ocean plastic. Read more about it here.

ocean plastic flooring
Our ocean plastic floor comes in a beautiful teal colour, comprised of yellow, green, black and white plastic pellets.
cableflor ocean plastic
Check it out in action at the show, along with graphics made from recycled plastic bottles!

Thank you to the Sustainable Events Show for having us, see you next year!

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