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Event Flooring Made From Ocean Plastic Waste

The UN has called marine plastic pollution “a slow-motion catastrophe”, and a recent study found Indonesia to be the second largest contributor to it after China. Overconsumption of single-use plastic and bad waste management are largely to blame.

Honest Ocean are based in West Java and have concentrated on creating a closed loop 360 plastic supply chain, turning plastic waste into a commodity, whilst also educating and empowering local communities to help in the fight against ocean plastic waste. By giving this plastic a value, the clean up is gathering momentum and they now employ 12 local people full time with more growth planned.

ocean waste plastic

They network with other collection groups and recycling companies across Indonesia to form a larger overall movement, empowering local communities through full time employment and reducing tons of waste hitting the ocean – they collect from beaches, rivers / river beds and other coastal areas.

At Cableflor, as we are passionate about flooring made from recycled plastic, we have decided to purchase some ocean plastic waste and make a limited edition flooring. We have bought teal coloured PP pellets, a mixture of yellow, black, green and a little white. The colours are mixed as they do not have sorting machines yet. This is what the raw shredded material looks like before being cleaned and made into pellets:

honest ocean
honest ocean

Once the plastic has been shredded and washed, it is processed into pellets that can be used for injection moulding. They make three different colours, but we chose the teal (green-blue) as it works well with our embossed wave pattern, and reflects the colour of the ocean.

Honest Ocean are audited by Ocean Stop! to provide traceability. Here is the certificate to authenticate the raw material supply chain.

To purchase event flooring made from ocean plastic waste, get in touch with us here. We look forward to creating modern, sustainable event flooring for you whilst cleaning up the oceans!

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