Cost of running electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating is a cost effective, environmentally friendly and easy-to-install heating system which lies just below the floor. It creates pleasant ambient heat which is evenly distributed across the room, and frees up wall space from radiators. 

The installation costs for electric underfloor heating are usually much cheaper than water systems, but how much does it cost to run? Working out the actual running costs for electric underfloor heating is quite difficult to calculate, which is why manufacturers are deliberately vague about it – there are too many variables such as insulation, usage, outdoor temperature and the cost of electricity. 

At Cableflor we have decided to use two live case studies in different locations to show the running costs of our underfloor heating kit. Our kit is a completely DIY installation underfloor heating system, which is supplied with the heated cable, thermostat and underfloor heating tile (which protects the cable and creates a smooth surface for the floor covering). The kit includes a thermostat that can be simply plugged into the wall (without the need for an electrician) need an electrician) to easily control your temperature. Click here to shop our underfloor heating kit now.

The first location we decided to measure running costs is a garden room. It’s occasionally used as a quiet workspace when WFH during the day, but also used by teenagers as a gaming room on weekends away from adults. The room has insulated walls, floor and ceiling, along with double glazed-windows and doors. The total space is 15 square metres.

The second location is a small office build inside a completely uninsulated barn, located at the top of a hill in the countryside exposed to all the elements. This also has insulated floor walls and ceiling and the total space is 13.5 square metres. Any type of heating is only as good as the insulated, whether it’s a log fire or UFH. Without it you’ll be burning £20 notes all day long and still won’t be warm. 

We used temperature recorders made by a company called Log Tag wich records the temperature every hour. The recorders were positioned inside and outside the rooms in order to reflect the type of weather going on at the time. This data is downloaded each week to give a real example of use and temperature gain.

In order to calculate running costs we used a power metre made by Maxcio, which allowed you to enter the exact unit cost of your electricity. The power in the garden room costs 16.16p per Kilowatt Hour, whereas the power in our barn offices cost considerably more at 24.96p per kWh from the landlord. 

We took temperature readings which help show how the kit heats the room depending on the weather and temperature outside. Below are the temperature readings for the cabin:

The temperature readings help show how the kit heats up depending on the weather.


Week 1:

Inside cabin temperatures
Outside cabin Temperatures

The running costs for this 8.5 day period was £3.1, with an average of 36p per day.

Week 2:

Inside cabin temperatures
Outside cabin temperatures

The running cost for the 7 days was £4.16, with an average of 59.4p per day.

Click here for the full temperature reports each week:

Week 1: Inside, Outside

Week 2: Inside, Outside

We will continue to add to these weekly. It will be interesting to see how much the running costs increase in November when the new price increases come in.

Click here to see the actual running costs for each, which we will up date weekly, together with the running cost per square metre for that period. This will give you a far more accurate indication of your own running costs.

Shop our underfloor heating kit here, now with completely DIY installation.

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