Cableflor's Plastics Education and Reward Scheme

Plastic Youth – Cableflor’s Plastics Education and Reward Scheme

Cableflor is launching our own Plastics Education and Reward scheme for under 16s in the local area! We aim to educate the youth about plastic, both about its incredible value as a material and how to recycle and reuse it.

Plastic started with good intentions, as a replacement for materials made from animals such as bone or shell. However, as our use of it exploded, the impact on the environment became ever apparent. Due to its long lifespan, it has polluted not only our planet, but has crept up in our food chain as well. Read more about the history of plastic here.

We believe that young people are the solution to tackling the issue of plastics and the environment. Educating the youth about plastic’s impact will raise an environmentally conscious generation of engineers, designers and policy makers. And it all starts with the plastic we use in our everyday lives.

Our scheme will reward young people for recycling the plastic that they use. We will do this by paying for the plastic waste they recycle with us, which we will use as a building material. This rewards recycling, but also emulates what’s done on a much larger scale with corporations selling plastic waste to be recycled into something useful, rather than to be dumped on landfills or in the ocean.

For those who are creative, we are running a design competition following this. Individuals who have recycled enough plastic (3kgs) are eligible to enter a competition to design a household object to be made from recycled plastic. Encouraging young inventors and designers to think outside the box, and design an object that will solve a problem in their everyday lives. We will have a panel of fantastic designers judging the sketches.

The winning design will be drawn up on CAD (computer-aided design software) with 3D visuals by us, we will make a free prototype from recycled plastic AND we will also pay for the registration of your design.

Our aim with this is to show the value of plastic, and that it can be recycled and reshaped into all kinds of useful household objects. At Cableflor, recycling plastic is at the core of our business model. Our black Cableflor is made from recycled plastic, and soon our trunking and ramped edging will be too. If we make your floor in a custom colour, we encourage you to bring it back for us to remould into a new colour, for a recycling discount.

If you’d like to recycle plastic with us and enter into our design competition, join our facebook group here! We will start from the 2nd October, and entries for the design competition need to be in by the 10th May 2022. Any under 16 is eligible to recycle and enter our competition, we look forward to seeing all your fantastic designs!

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