Showrooms – Porsche Sytner

We were contacted by Showcase Interiors to provide cable management flooring for their refurbishment of the Porsche Sytner showrooms, nationwide.

The existing showrooms all had very expensive tiled floors, which the client was reluctant to damage whilst reallocating their space. The car layout was being moved around and they wanted to create individual hospitality areas in the spaces in between.

Each area would feature a large AV plinth, glass showcase and a cantilevered table with a socket on top. The table was usually bolted to the floor, which wasn’t possible because of the tiles.

We suggested using our underfloor support base as a solution and working with Showcase, we made up a prototype for testing. This allowed the power cable for the table top socket, to travel under our floor and up the base.

As a premium brand, they also needed a high quality, engineered transition ramp to the exposed sides.

All of our products had to be approved by Porsche in order to be in line with their pan-european Corporate Identity. The scheme was subsequently rolled out nationwide.

Showrooms - Porsche Sytner case study
Showrooms - Porsche Sytner case study
Showrooms - Porsche Sytner case study

Cableflor is the lowest cable management flooring on the market, making it ideal for show rooms as there is a smooth transition to Cableflor from existing flooring. Cableflor allows for the integration of furniture with cable management, for a clean and trip hazard-free showroom or office.

At Cableflor we can provide a bespoke design service to help you transform your showroom, office or rented space. To discuss your upcoming project call us on 01293 853517 or send us an email at

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