Are Underfloor Heating Systems Better for the Environment than Radiators?

Are Underfloor Heating Systems Better for the Environment than Radiators?

As we become more environmentally conscious as a nation, we have found many ways to reduce our impact on the environment. However, we often neglect to consider the effect heating our homes has on the environment. Underfloor heating has become a common heating method due to its energy efficient and money-saving properties. However, are underfloor heating systems more energy efficient than radiators? Will they save you money and reduce your carbon footprint?

Here are some reasons underfloor heating systems are better for the environment than radiators:

They are more energy efficient

Underfloor heating has been hailed as an energy efficient method of heating our homes. This is due to its ability to heat a large area evenly at a lower temperature, unlike other methods. Underfloor heating systems heat the room from the ground up over the surface of the floor, creating a comfortable temperature throughout the room. They do not get as hot as radiators, and thus use much less energy. Radiators, on the other hand, operate at higher temperatures and only provide localised heat. This is because radiators heat the area surrounding them, which leaves cold spots in the middle of the room. Underfloor heating systems use much less energy, which is better for the environment.

Cabeflor’s underfloor heating kit is even more efficient than other underfloor heating methods. Cableflor is the lowest raised floor on the market, at only 2cm thick. This means it holds the heating cable just underneath the floor. The heat only has to travel through a thin layer to reach the surface, unlike underfloor heating systems embedded in a thick layer of concrete. Cableflor’s system requires less energy to heat the room, making it extremely efficient and cost effective to run.

They heat the room quicker

Underfloor heating, as the name suggests, is under the floor, therefore it heats even very large rooms much quicker. This is because the heating cable runs under the entire floor, including the very center. It heats the room evenly and faster across its entire surface. Radiators on the other hand heat rooms much slower at higher temperatures. They heat the air closest to them which rises to the ceiling, pushing cooler air around the room. It takes much longer for radiators to heat all the air in the room comfortably than underfloor systems, as they require more energy. Heating the room quicker means less energy used, making underfloor heating systems more eco-friendly than radiators.

The heat lasts

When you turn off your radiators, heat quickly disappears. This is because radiators heat the surrounding air, pushing it around the room. Once the radiator is off, the air is no longer being heated and circulated around the room, making the temperature fall quickly. Underfloor heating systems heat the floor, meaning once it’s turned off, the floor holds the heat across the entire surface. The retention of heat in the floor allows you to use underfloor heating for a shorter period of time, saving energy, and reducing your carbon footprint.

At Cableflor we are committed to being an environmentally friendly manufacturer. Alongside all the benefits to the environment of underfloor heating listed, Cableflor’s underfloor heating kit reduces our impact on the environment in the following ways: 

  • Our black Cableflor tiles, which hold the underfloor heating cable, are made from entirely recycled polypropylene. We reuse old plastic tiles to create our black tiles, a process which also produces zero toxic waste.
  • Karndean floor covers, which are a luxury finish to your underfloor heating kit are 100% recyclable. 
  • Our kit doesn’t require concrete or screed, and so it can be placed on top of an existing floor. This means that if you move, you are able to remove the kit and reuse it in a different room without throwing it away.
  • We no longer use plastic cling wrap to ship our products. If packing material is required, we use a biodegradable pallet wrap produced from sugar cane. 

Underfloor heating systems are better for the environment than radiators, at Cableflor we go one step further. Find out more about our underfloor heating kit here.

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