Garden Room Underfloor Heating

What to do when you can’t go to the pub, bring the pub to you! 

The Project

Our client’s garden room was the perfect setting for her new Covid lockdown project, her very own pub. The room was a nice space for the children growing up, but now rarely used. Being 10 years old with no heating, it was too chilly for their pub. And, with heaters being too large and expensive to run, producing only localised heat, they weren’t the solution for a warm space. The walls were insulated and the room had solid flooring, so they decided on underfloor heating to save energy and wallspace. They went with Cableflor’s complete underfloor heating kit for a comfortable heat with a beautiful vinyl finish. Click here to find out more about our kit.

The Process

The 18sqm room was perfect for Cableflor’s underfloor heating kit as the solid floor and the roof were well insulated, and the room had double glazing. When we arrived, we cleared the room of any furniture and cleaned the floors. The thermostat had already been fitted by an electrician close to the main fuse board, so we could test the cable prior to laying the Cableflor.

We outlined the positions of the fridges and fixed furniture on the floor with a pencil. Then we drew a straight line 50mm away from the wall and marked 100mm intervals along it, repeating this on the other side of the room. These lines are a guide for where we will fix the cable to the floor to fit under our Cableflor. Starting at the thermostat, we pinned the heating cable to the first marker and then walked the reel of cable to the other side of the room, pinning it down as we went. We then pinned the cable 100mm perpendicular, and walked back down the room with  the reel of cable. We repeated this process up and down the room until the floor had been covered by the heating cable.

Cableflor is then laid on top of the cable, ensuring the cable remains in place in the centre of the channel. The tiles fit neatly together over the top of the cable, clipping together to be secured. To fit the Cableflor to the size of the room, we simply tore off segments or rows not needed. Where there were small gaps at the edges of the room too small for a Cableflor tile, we filled the space with our supplied foam spacer, which supports the floor covering.

Once we had tested the cable again to ensure it was heating up, we started to lay the Karndean floor vinyl on top. The client chose the Antique Heart Pine finish, which is a high quality vinyl embossed with wood texture and guaranteed for 5 years. Like a normal wooden floor, it can be laid so that the planks are staggered. We used the cut off from the previous row on the next to avoid any waste, and to stagger the boards. It is very easy to cut the boards, simply score it with a knife and bend the board to break it, trimming any excess off afterwards.

Karndean has a special coating which grips to Cableflor, making this a very quick and mess free process. The flooring was laid tight against the walls, ensuring it doesn’t move. On high traffic areas, such as the doorways, we used KarndeanTackifier to secure them very well.

The entire floor took around 6 hours for one person to complete. The client is delighted with the result, and appreciates being able to dress up and go out for a drink from the safety of their home.

Call Cableflor on 01293 853517 or email us at to discuss your upcoming project. You can also visit our underfloor heating page for more information about the kit.

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