Best Flooring

Best Flooring Supplier – It’s Official!

We’re over the moon to have been crowned Best Flooring Supplier at this year’s prestigious Event Production Awards.

It’s been a long hard road to try and convince clients that they don’t need to use carpet and be part of the colossal amount of waste in the industry. It’s only by reducing single use plastic, such as carpet, double-sided tape and polythene sheet that will ensure a better future for the planet.

Being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean being boring, our flooring can be bold and bright or blend seamlessly into your colour scheme to give you maximum impact. It’s moulded to your own bespoke colour to give you a completely personalised flooring, whilst still hiding all of your cables.

Thanks to everyone who have trusted us to deliver their floor solutions, plus a big thumbs up to our amazing suppliers. Plastics aren’t the enemy when used responsibly and not wasted – it was originally conceived to be a saviour to the environment 150 years ago and be the ultimate recyclable material. This essential part of the process has been discarded by industry for a quick profit without any accountability, but hopefully this will change soon.

We will continue to use reprocessed plastic waste and make something useful out of it, but more importantly to keep reusing it and chip away at that enormous carpet mountain that is created every year by events. Our goal is to get our own industrial plastic shredder/granulator by the end of the year, so we can organise our own collections of plastic waste. We’ll keep you posted!