Home Office Solutions

Home office solutions are becoming increasingly important in the current lockdown. If you now find yourself working from home, then it can be preferable to create your own space away from the chaos of domestic bliss. It can be difficult to focus on your job when there are constant distractions, such as time with the kids or chores or even the temptation of snacking.

Whether it is to make important calls, to focus on a project or just to have a sense of normality in your working life, eventually we all need peace and quiet. It’s fine to be working on the kitchen table or in the spare room in the short term, but no one knows how long these measures will stay in place. With further waves expected and firms increasingly looking at different ways of operating, may this could be a good thing.

A better way of life

Once the lockdown is lifted and there is a release from the confines of your home, it’s more than likely that we will continue to maintain social distancing. This can be difficult on rush-hour public transport for starters. In the office or work premises, it can also be tricky to keep two metres apart. I’m sure anyone would get a bit twitchy if the person opposite was coughing all day.

Being a naturally positive person, I can’t help thinking that this is a great opportunity for some positive change. Working people have increasingly been getting a raw deal over the last few decades and our quality of life is substantially worse. The working day is a lot longer now and we are all expected to take calls and emails outside of a regular 9-5. Is it me or is there a lot more to do these days and less time to do it? It really doesn’t matter whether you are a business owner or an employee. Now that we are all off the hamster wheel for a few weeks and real things like death, sacrifice and uncertainty are all around us, it’s quite a sobering moment.

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to make that journey to and from your place of work every day. It’s not just a huge benefit to the environment, imagine how much money you would save over the year. Probably enough for a family holiday. Getting on a packed and dirty train every morning and night is a grim way to bookend your day. The fact that they charge you a fortune for the pleasure is a disgrace of course, especially when it’s all running late.

If I added up all of the hours I’ve spent in traffic jams in a year, it would easily add up to a week off work. That’s only 40 hours, less than an hour a week over and above the normal journey time and we all take it for granted. What if we only went into work one day a week and utilised our incredible technology to work from home for the rest? There’s more to the internet than entertainment and shopping – now we know that it can be done. Just watch how quickly this aspect improves over the next couple of years.

Clearly you can’t manufacture at home and there are many areas of industry that it doesn’t apply to. For millions of office workers though, there are now options on the table. I would love to save two or three hours of travelling every day, that would be amazing. Talk about addressing your work-life balance. More time for me, more time for my loved ones but less stress and less money wasted.

Climate Change

In terms of the environment, it would certainly be a bonus and we are already seeing our air pollution improve dramatically. Climate change is undeniably one of the most urgent problems that need addressing in the world today.  Floods, droughts, fires and storms are blighting the earth like never before in our lifetimes, it’s pretty hard to ignore basic facts. All over the world, leading scientists are saying that it’s the pathogens coming from the animal kingdom that are causing the outbreaks of disease and the current pandemic. This is all down to our systematic dismantling of their homes. They’re running out of places to live, so we’re closer to them now than any other times in history.

I’ve never been a revolutionary, but it’s pretty obvious to anyone that things are a little bit messed up and they need sorting out. If you have kids then you would want them to grow up in a better world.

What’s on offer? Home office flooring solutions

We make a low profile raised flooring called Cableflor. It’s a single component system that just clips together and it can be trimmed to the nearest 10cm by simply tearing off the bits you don’t need. You can watch an assembly video.

You can convert garages, sheds, cellars or any other quiet space into a comfortable working space using Cableflor. Not only will it hide all of your cables, it will also provide a thermal break between your feet and a cold concrete floor.

You can either have a smooth floor and cover it with one of our wood or stone effect overlays. Alternatively, you can take our textured floor which is a finished floor surface

It’s a temporary fix that can be fitted by anyone, without damaging your infrastructure. Once you no longer need it, simply remove and save it for a rainy day or send it back to us for recycling. We can make it into the new floor.

Made in the UK from plastic waste, the flooring is fire-retardant and can also be made Anti-Microbial which is effective against a wide spectrum of microbes. This includes bacteria, mould, fungi and even viruses.

Fabric Walls

Given that virtual meetings are becoming the new normal, you might want to consider some freestanding fabric walls. They are useful for creating instant walls to partition off a space in your garage or just hiding the lawn-mower.

We are from the events industry so we’ve supplied them for years. The frames can either twist and lock together or they can be fixed with a supplied alun key. The graphics simply stretch in the frame and they can be supplied plain or printed with whatever you like. This can be branded with your company logo, your best projects, your favourite car or a picture of Hawaii, just send us your artwork or let us guide you.

They can be made to size to fit your space and linked together to create corners or just be a single stand-alone screen. We can also supply TV supports and shelving brackets.

If you are interested in seeing how much it would cost to create a quiet working space somewhere on your property but away from your living space, then please get in touch. There’s no hard sell, just lots of ideas, some top tips and options to fit most people’s requirements. Have a chat, get some costs and if you feel like buying it, we’re ready when you’re ready.

Email lee@cableflor.co.uk or call me on 07768 734235. I’m not in the office much these days as I’m working from home.