wood floor vinyl

Adapting your business?

Adapting your business to the current situation is really the only course of action. I’m doing it and you’re probably already doing it. The last thing we all need is more platitudes or more advice from online gurus. To be told we’re all in it together doesn’t really cut it when you’re all tucked up in bed, alone in your head. If you are a business owner then you will have already spent countless hours working on a plan b, c, d, e and F. I made F a capital letter for obvious reasons. At the end of the day all of our businesses are just as individual as we are. After all, we tailor made them to fit us – so there is no cure all.

Now that the fire-fighting is over and the initial blaze is now smouldering away, now is the time for adapting your business.  My industry has traditionally been events and retail display. I was incredibly proud when our major exhibition venues were made into Nightingale Hospitals. The speed and efficiency of my fellow contractors was incredible and much applauded. Unfortunately, it doesn’t bode well for any major events anytime soon. Large gatherings of people will inevitably be off the agenda until possibly next year. No amount of Government support or furloughing is going to fill a hole that big.

My floor system is a low profile and DIY alternative to a fully blown raised floor system. So I’m looking for other areas in which it can be used. It is moulded locally here in the South East of England, so it’s possible to make some small changes. My moulder can add a Silver Ion additive to make it anti-bacterial, which could make it attractive to the Care Industry. I’m a little conflicted as I don’t want to be seen as trying to exploit people’s fears, but I have to put it out there anyway. Hopefully it come in handy and offer a welcome solution.

Changing Production Areas

I’m constantly inspired by reading how owners are adapting their business. They have converted their production lines and factories to make new products. From PPE products and clothing to changing the way food is distributed. Business owners have taken a deep breath and changed tack. If you are one of these forward thinkers then perhaps you might need to temporarily change the layout of your factories or production spaces. It might be that your power isn’t quite in the right place or you need to move some machines around. As it might not be a permanent requirement, I hope you might consider laying down some Cableflor.

It’s not expensive and you can lay it yourself really easily. Tear off the bits you don’t want to fit to the nearest 10cm. Trim around columns, awkward walls and other immovable objects. Then change it again as the new plans take shape. It’s all really simple to do. Run all of your cables underneath to keep the area safe and looking tidy.

If you have really big or heavy machines then you just remove a tile where the feet are. It is still sitting on the solid floor of your unit. Alternatively just trim around it, but once everything goes back to normal you can change it back again.

Click here for a link to a short video on our website, which shows just how easy it is to install. Don’t  cover it, it’s a finished surface – it’s non-slip, fire-rated and made from plastic waste. We also have a clip on ramped edging strip.

Contact lee@cableflor.co.uk if you want to get some prices and a lead-time.