Flooring for Corporate Events

Flooring for Corporate Events

NHS exhibition stand

If you are exhibiting or running a corporate event or promotion, then having your stand, flooring and other customised assets in your exact corporate brand colours is essential.

Stay on brand whilst saving time and money by using Cableflor’s bespoke coloured flooring service.

Our ability to mould the floor to your exact chosen corporate colour is what makes Cableflor so unique and is what sets us apart from many other event flooring companies.

Having flooring created specifically for your brand or business means you can reuse it whenever you have an event or exhibition. This reduces throw-away waste and the need to keep purchasing flooring time and time again. By using flooring, which is already matching your corporate colours, you are eliminating the need for expensive overlays or floor covering. All of this, in turn, has the potential to save you hundreds of pounds that you may be wasting by purchasing your flooring elsewhere.

Why Cableflor?

At Cableflor, we are able to mix and match colours as well as offering different effects such as metallic colours, glitter or metal fleck. Combine colours, create walkways or zones and add lighting to highlight products or direct footfall.

We understand that your time is precious which is why we pride ourselves on the speedy installation process that comes with our coloured flooring. Without the need for overlays, your flooring can be laid in minutes, so you can get on with what’s really important- showing off your brand!

Furthermore, cable management comes as standard, so our coloured flooring really is a one-stop shop.

If you no longer require your flooring, you can send it back to us for recycling and we will offer you a £5/sqm discount on your next flooring.

Ensure you are staying on brand with fast, professional flooring that doesn’t break your budget.

If you are interested any of our flooring services, then contact us today to discuss floor plans or colours and designs.