How Cableflor is Helping Reduce Waste Within the Events Industry

How Cableflor is Helping Reduce Waste Within the Events Industry

In today’s throw-away society, the war against plastic waste is one on everyone’s lips.

Consumers are becoming more conscious than ever of their purchasing habits and how they are having a knock-on effect on the environment and their contribution to plastic pollution.

In fact, according to a study conducted by Forbes in 2019, 92% of consumers surveyed said they would be more likely to trust a company that supports social or environmental issues

A further 88% said that be more likely to stay loyal to a brand if they knew they were continuously supporting environmental issues.

Thousands of businesses are changing their policies and making more of an effort to cut down on their use of single-use plastic in a desperate bid to be more sustainable and reduce plastic pollution.

How do we help?

At Cableflor, we support the recycling process and re-use as much plastic as possible. Our standard, sustainable flooring is made from recycled polypropylene, which comes from a variety of sources including:

· Food containers

· CD and DVD cases

· Water bottle lids

· Medicine bottles

· Old toys

· Crates

The events industry has notoriously been one with a lot of waste and at Cableflor, we are determined to change this. Our flooring can be moulded to match your exact corporate colours eliminating the need for floor covering. This means that no carpet or floor vinyl needs to be thrown away, if you no longer require your flooring, you can send it back to us to be recycled. Combining cable management with colouring also means you won’t need to use double-sided tape (thousands of miles of which gets thrown away after just a few days use). Not only does recycling your old flooring have a positive impact on the environment, but it can also have a positive impact on your budget too! When you return your old Cableflor flooring to us, we offer a £5 discount per sqm on your next floor purchase.

If you are looking for sustainable flooring or an eco-friendly solution to your cable management requirements for events, then contact us today.