Sustainability in Events

Sustainability in events

The event industry has been under scrutiny for some time now regarding the sheer amount of waste it produces – an estimated 100,00 tonnes in 2018. This comes from single-use graphics, water-bottles and coffee cups and about 5 million square metres of carpet that is usually only used for a few days. The carpet needs thousands of miles of carpet tape, which is also single-use plastic.

Due to the nature of events, there is a high requirement of lights, screens and sockets, so a large percentage of these areas require a raised floor for cable management. At Cableflor we combine cable management with colour in order to eliminate the requirement for carpet and carpet tape.

We can mould our modular floor system in your required colour, which can be one from your Corporate Identity guidelines or perhaps it can tie in with your current graphic campaign. It helps reinforce your brand as well as giving your area a bit more punch and providing a more immersive experience.


No tape, less waste

Aside from eliminating the need for carpet/tape, there is also a reduction of lorries travelling to site, as there is only one process – the benefit to the customer, regardless of their sentiment towards sustainability, is a big saving in time. There is no more waiting around for the carpet to be laid, you can lay our floor quickly then crack on with your build.

Being environmentally friendly when attending exhibitions and events doesn’t need to be expensive. With prices as low as £40 per square metre, our flooring will start paying for itself after its second outing. You not only save money on unwanted carpet, but also the labour to fit it. Our system is so simple it can be laid and trimmed to size by anyone, without any tools or training.


Responsible use of plastics

Plastics are a very divisive topic at the moment, but we feel the biggest issue is accountability for plastic products. Whoever makes the product should be responsible for the plastic during its entire life-span – if they’re made money from it, then it’s only fair that they are accountable for any harm to the environment it might cause.

A lot of plastics, especially the Polypropylene that we use, were invented in order to protect the environment and to make life easier and affordable to the general public. They were invented to stop the manufacture of goods from natural resources, such as animal bones and horns, as well as trees. You can mould them into something useful and when it’s no longer fit for purpose, you can melt it down and make something else, using very little energy.



Part-exchange your old floor

We also provide a part-exchange system in order to encourage a circular economy. No plastic is wasted, only reproduced. Once you’ve come to the end of your campaign and you want to change colour, simply return the floor to use and we will grind it down to make new black flooring. In return for the material we will give you a £5 per square metre discount on your next floor.

The material from the old floor is used to make our standard black floor, along with other recycled plastic material that we buy from UK suppliers. Together with our incentive to preserve material, we offer the only true Eco Floor on the market.

Our floor has been developed over the last ten years and it has been thoroughly road-tested, not only in the events industry, but also in retail displays, showroom and office refurbishments.

So why not join the revolution and help us reduce waste in the event industry – contact Lee on 07768 734235 or email