Cable management flooring

Cable management flooring – the benefits of Cableflor

You can save time on your installation – shave about an hour off your build day and finish early. We combine colour with cable management so you don’t have to hang around for a carpet to be laid.

Save cost on your events – re-use and re-configure your personalised floor. Stop wasting money on carpet you don’t need and the labour to lay it.

Save waste, save the planet – it’s not just tonnes of carpet thrown away after a few days use, it’s thousands of miles of double-sided tape that contributes to single use plastics.

Breathe new life into your modular system with Cableflor. Hide your cables, create new structures and add a splash of colour.

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Cableflor is a low profile floor system used for cable management. It is only 2cm high and weighs only 4.5kg’s per square metre sheet, making it the lowest and lightest platform floor on the market.

Single component system
It is a single component system, which means that are no fixings and all you have to do is clip the sheets together. So there is nothing to lose or forget when you go on-site. Additionally, we supply the flooring in metre square sheets for rapid installation.

Cableflor is the only floor system that can be trimmed to the nearest 10cm without cutting anything. Each sheet is comprised of 10cm segments which you can tear off to fit the shape of the room or to fit inside an event space.

This isn’t all that makes us different from other floor manufacturers – our system has been developed after working in the event and interior design industry for over 25 years, resulting in many added benefits.


Cableflor can be used anywhere there is a need to hide cables. Where a full-blown raised access floor system isn’t necessary. Our system is light and easy to fit, so it doesn’t require specialist fitters or equipment – it can literally be fitted by anyone, without any tools or training, to fit any size or shape without any cutting.

It is so versatile that it can be used is a wide range of environments:

Exhibition stands – hugely beneficial to the self-build market, who have their own set of modular system to construct their stands. Cableflor gives them an opportunity to hide their cables and finish off the appearance of their stand. Instead of keeping their displays along the back or side walls, they can bring their message to the front to be near the aisles and near the visitors. Our underfloor bases connect to most types of modular system. We have a wide range of integrated lighting that draws attention to you.

Events & Experiential – we can mould the floor to your specified colour to help transform your venue and create a more immersive brand experience. Mix and match colour to create walkways or zones – guide footfall with our underfloor light-tracks which work with our frosted floor inserts. We can combine this with pressure or motion sensors, to active lights or other motion for interactive solutions.

Roadshows – if you are visiting multiple venues with very short installation times then Cableflor will speed up your build. Pre-configured to whatever colours, lighting or branding you have chosen, the large square metre sections clip together in no time so you can crack on with the structure. Perfect for hiding the hideous and bizarre carpets that live in our nation’s finest venues.

Retail & Pop-up Shops – instant cable management floor the fits to any empty unit or mall concession, without introducing a big step to trip over. Used and approved by UK shopping malls including Westfield and Meadowhall. Simply overlay with our hard-wearing stone or wood overlays and you have a high quality surface to elevate your brand, which is also guaranteed for 5 years’ commercial use.

Showrooms & interiors – our low profile flooring can be laid directly over existing floor, without causing any damage to it. This is especially useful when working in listed buildings or in rented properties that don’t have electrics in the right place. It is also useful in areas that have a solid concrete floor that can’t be chased out. Ideal for refurbishments or office interior fit-outs, the low height won’t have an effect on the overall room height and it is easy to adapt doors rather than replace them when laying through thresholds.


We are committed to supplying a sustainable flooring solution that helps reduce waste in the industry. Our standard black floor is moulded from recycled Polypropylene plastic, which comes from a variety of sources, including food containers, old crates and toys etc.

Our gloss floor has textured studs to avoid scratching the shiny surface. It was designed to avoid laying a carpet on top for short to medium term events. This not only saves throwing away carpet after as little as three day’s use, but also eliminates the use of carpet tape which is a single-use plastic.

Uniquely, we can mould the flooring in a colour of your choice. Simply send us your Pantone or RAL reference and we will mix the plastic to match. Unlike a printed floor, it will be the same colour all the way through and won’t scratch off during the course of the event.

This service allows designers to match the corporate colour of their client, as well as tying in with the event graphics for a more cohesive brand experience.

We also supply a matt version of the floor which is smooth with a light non-slip texture. This can also be coloured to your specification, but the added benefit is that it can also be covered with an overlay.

Wood or stone effect
If your client wants a completely different look for an event, then we also supply wood or stone finish overlays, which can temporarily sit on top of your floor without damaging it. We sell Karndean Loose Lay which has a special foam backing which grips our floor to keep it in place. The result is that you don’t need any carpet tape, which on a practical level means you don’t get sticky floor or overlays when re-using the system. The overlays are also 100% recyclable and come with a 5-year guarantee.

The floor can be used many times and it’s very quick and easy to reconfigure the size and shape of event space that has been booked. When you want to change the colour or simply refresh it, we can melt it down and either remould it or you can part-exchange it for a new colour.

Old floor is ground down to make up new black flooring and in return for giving us the material and supporting the circular economy, we discount your next purchase. Nothing is wasted, only reproduced.

Cableflor is designed, manufactured and distributed from West Sussex and our recycled material also comes from the UK.


illuminated floor edgingRamped Edging
Raised flooring is used to hide cables when working in the public domain, in order to eliminate trip hazards. Unfortunately, most of the raised floor systems are between 40mm and 100mm high. This makes them a bit tricky to edge with a safe ramp. In order to be compliant with current legislation for wheelchairs, buggies and trip hazards, the angle of the ramp needs to be really shallow.

The higher the floor, the longer this ramp needs to be. When this is applied to hiring space in retail or exhibitions, the user will lose around up to 2m of usable display area when using an 80mm high floor.

Due to the ultra-low height of Cableflor, which is only 2cm, our floor system has been approved by Health and Safety at all UK event venues and shopping centres. It is even stocked by Westfield Centres and Meadowhall for their mall concessions and pop-up shops.

We supply 3 different types of edging to suit all budgets – metal, rubber or plastic. Each of them have their own benefits:

Metal – our top of the range ramped edging is perfect for long-term installations and it is made from extruded aluminium. The corners are pre-mitred and held together with steel spigots. It is held into place by countersunk screws which fix into wooden blocks underneath our floor system, with the straight sections also held in place with spigots.

Heavy duty
This type of edging is very heavy duty and is ribbed to prevent slipping – it will add 100mm to the size of the area and provides a nice gentle slope onto your display. It also makes a perfect transition strip if the flooring is used in offices or refurbishments.

Rubber – this heavy duty edging was developed specifically for retail displays and other high footfall areas. The corners are a curved moulded section in order to minimise trip hazards. We discovered after installing many mall displays that shoppers will always cut across the corner of a mall concession. It gets a lot of kicking and damage from buggies. By having a moulded corner, there is no chance of a mitre opening up.

The straight sections are extruded and come in 10m rolls. It is possible to edge a whole side of your area in a single section without joins. The rubber can be colour matched to your pantone colour, as well as being made in a semi-translucent colour. The semi-translucent edging is ideal for lighting with an LED, which not only highlights the perimeter of your space, but also informs the visitor that they are about to step up.

For illuminated edging we recommend a product called Neon Flex. This provides a constant LED light, as opposed to lots of dots. We have included a channel to the underside of the rubber edging to accommodate this light and to keep it perfectly straight. This continues around the corner to stunning effect and can help soften the initial appearance of your display.

Plastic – supplied in modular 1m strips, this is a clip on ramped edging available in silver or black. We recommend choosing a colour that contrasts your floor colour to raise awareness of the raised floor. It is made from a tough extruded PVC. For the corners we pre-mitre the ends so that two sections can be pushed together, which remain in a metre module. This edging is ideal for exhibitions or roadshows. Transportation is neatly done inside one of our transport crates or on a pallet.


illuminated flooringLighting
Over the years we have developed a number of lighting options which are listed below:

LED uplighters – we have fitted a powerful G4 LED cluster to the underside of one of our frosted tiles, to create flush fitting uplighter. This illuminates the lower sections of wall graphics, the underside of vehicles and other raised product. This is also useful for simple decorative purposes. The light-tiles have simple male/female fixings. All you have to do is push fit the cables together and loop the lights together. The low power requirement of the tiles means that you can get between 8 and 12 lights running off a single transformer. In the past we have also used a battery to power the lights on a vehicle display when there was no power socket.

LED Light-track. Our cavity underneath the floor is large enough to house LED tape inside aluminium track with an opal diffuser. Ideal for highlighting a hero product. This type of light can be connected to a controller. This enables you to add effects such as colour-changing or chasing lights. Movement of colour or lights is a great way of catching the eye at a busy tradeshow. Alternatively, use it at your special event – they can be really useful for lighting the way at dark and moody events.

Illuminated Floor Graphics – a flush-fitting lightbox that sits inside the floor system. This makes an impact with your branding or slogan. Topped with an 8mm thick toughened glass panel and illuminated with a bright, even LED light, the graphics are easy to change.

Emergency lighting. It’s possible to connect our light-track to a battery and a smoke detector. This creates some temporary emergency lighting for events, really useful if it’s a dark and unfamiliar setting.

Illuminated edging – light up our rubber edging strip with a continuous LED strip. It helps define your space and adds a touch of class. It also draws the eye to the step up onto your floor.


We’ve been lucky enough to be involved with some really interesting projects over the last few years. This has led to us developing a range of essential display accessories:

Multi-post – this is a square section post. It locks directly into an underfloor plate using just a torx key, to be stable. This enables us to supply an over-sized base without presenting any trip issues. It is safely hidden away underneath the floor system. The post is a space-saving way of presenting iPads, touchscreens and games controllers. We continue the cable management from the floor to the device. One side of the post has a spring door for easy access to the cable connections. The cavity is big enough for a four-way extension lead and a charger, so your device can be on continuous charge throughout the event without the fear of it running out.

Standard off-the-shelf components that fit directly into the post include a lockable iPad holder complete with a Home Button Shield and an optional Kensington Cable for extra security. There is also a matching monitor bracket, also suitable for touch-screens, with standard VESA fixings. All of these holders have a double gimble so they can easily be positioned to any angle. Other accessories include small product and keyboard shelves, A4 brochure holders and goodie-bag hooks.

Transport Cases – we have different options depending on the quantity of floor and the method of transport. The studded floor can be rolled up, so we can supply PVC wraps which can hold a 4m x 1m roll of floor. These come with velcro straps and a handle, so they can be lifted by hand.

Smaller quantities
For smaller quantities transported in sheets, we can supply a rigid fibre case with a handle one end and two small wheels. You can lift it out of your vehicle and pull the case into your venue. This is good for between 6-10 sheets depending on your strength or crew numbers.

When handling more than this quantity, we recommend using our wheel crates which can take up to 40sqm (800mm high). For this method of transport you will need a van with a tail-lift or a ramp – alternatively arrange for a lifting service from the organiser of the event.

If you are going overseas or using an overnight network, then it would be worth investing in a flight-case.

Freestanding Walls – we have partnered with Octanorm, the world’s leading modular system, to create freestanding and illuminated graphic walls. They are supported by our unique underfloor bases which allow you to build straight out of the ground. This eliminates the need for traditional feet or return walls, to support the unit. You instantly save valuable space on your stand.

The added benefit of the freestanding walls is that you require fewer stand components. This brings down the cost of your structure as well as giving your space room to breathe.

Living Plant Walls. Working with the Octanorm system and biophilia experts, we have also created freestanding plant walls that are only 250mm deep. We can offer artificial plants for events, which look incredibly real. For long-term or permanent installations we can build in a water tank and pump for real plants and real benefits. Plant walls offer many benefits such as dampening sound and offering a sense of well-being.


The Cableflor system offers the ultimate in truly making the floor unique to you and your brand. Aside from custom colours and patterns, we can also print direct to both the smooth and the studded flooring, should you want to continue the graphic treatment of your event onto the flooring.

Smooth flooring – we print direct to our matt flooring on a standard flat-bed printer. You don’t need to fit a printed floor lino to it. Aside from extra cost and extra time, the lino is limited by roll size. It is always a challenge to line up all of the different sections to get perfect registration. To protect the print, we also spray the floor with several coats of liquid laminate once the ink has been cured by a UV lamp.

Studded flooring – in order to print onto the studded floor, we use a process called hydrographics. We work with specialists Vital Hydrographics who have hundreds of different patterns they can apply to our flooring. Once they have dipped each section flooring into the chosen pattern, the flooring is then sprayed with a tough seal.

The flooring is also very easy to cut. If you want to create something completely unique we can trim it into circles or free-form shapes. It is quickly and easily cut with a hand-held battery saw, set to just the right depth. We have made a special flexible edging strip that can be fitted to the edging of your shape whether it is concave or convex. It has a 50mm wide ramp to it, plus there is even a channel for a flexible LED strip if required.

We have over 25 years of design and project management experience. prior to designing this floor system. We have won awards for Exhibition Stand Design, Retail Showroom Design and Product Design. If you want to create something really special, then we would be delighted to develop your ideas with you. We can work with your agency to supply full-colour visuals and layouts for your approval.


Do-it-yourself or Full Turnkey Service
Our floor system offers a lot more than just cable management. It is an integral part of your display which frees up valuable space whilst offering the opportunity to stretch out with your design.

It is so simple, that anyone can install it without any training or special tools. However, we understand that there are plenty of companies who can’t spare the time to build up their stand. They also might lack the space to store any of it.

At our large warehouse in West Sussex, you can store all of your display collateral. We have a space for prebuilding your stand, together with a small fleet of vans with experienced fitters.
We can store your exhibition stand and travel around the country to install it and derig it. Carry all of your brochures and giveaways is not a problem. We are experienced in building all of the major modular systems (Octanorm, T3, Leitner, Unibox, BeMatrix, Aluvision).

Use Cableflor to breathe new life into your existing systems. Hide your cables, create new structures and add a splash of colour. You wouldn’t be paying for two sets of contractors, as we would be offering a full turnkey service, including submission of Risk Assessment, Method Statements and Electrical Orders.

We don’t charge anything for your initial enquiry. We are a very friendly bunch, who love the exciting world of events!