Flooring – Why bother?

It’s not a cheap exercise for a company to attend an exhibition. There’s the cost of the space, the marketing to let people know you’re there, the cost of designing and building the stand, plus all those staff hours to be accounted for.

So it’s vital to get as much business from it as possible and earn some return on that investment. This is not always easy when you are in a big hall surrounded by all of your competitors. How important is the flooring in the grand scheme of things or is it an area of the budget which can be cut?

Well once a stand gets to a certain size, the floor is biggest single surface area available to the designer. For the most part it ends up as a simple grey carpet or a wood finish laminate which looks great in your dad’s front room, but is that all we can do with the opportunity? This is a Show after all.

There are lots of ways to use this area to your advantage – it is probably the most untapped resource at your disposal. Most companies ignore this space, making it a great way to stand out from your peers. Even by just choosing a high gloss floor, you will get great reflections of lights as you approach the stand which add a bit of theatre.

Matching colours from the graphics creates a cohesive appearance and can lead the visitor into a more immersive experience. Branding and taglines reinforce your messaging and brand presence.

One of the aspects that sets Cableflor apart from every other event flooring company, is that we can mould our system to match a specified colour. It’s almost impossible to exactly match a carpet to a corporate colour, let alone a colour scheme used in any graphic content. This service allows the customer to stick to identity guidelines or let the stand colours continue into the floor for increased impact.

By combining cable managment with colour, we strip away a whole process which saves loads of time on-site as well as eliminating carpet waste. It’s quicker and cheaper and when it starts looking tired we can melt it down and remould it. Or you can part-exchange it for a new colour – nothing has to be wasted.

Lighting can be used to highlight hero products or zones. Uplighters brighten up dark corners, as the lights positioned on the tops of walls don’t always reach that far. Especially in the case of graphics that go quite low.

Alternatively, it can be used for directing footfall around the stand. If it is attached to a controller you can add motion, colour-changing effects – these do catch the eye and are useful lure. Add motion sensors or pressure pads to create some interactive content.

Most firms staff their stands with sales people who want to take the prospect on a customer journey, with a buy-up route or a way of explaining their services. If you can guide the visitor on the path you want them to take, then you can apply your sales strategy with more effect. If there is a pre-determined route, then it’s easier to manage the busy spells and avoid people clogging up the front of your stand. There’s nothing worse than watching a really good prospect walk away, because you’re stuck talking to someone.

From a functional point of view, floors are the perfect way to distribute power and data around your stand. By choosing to just push everything up to the back and side walls, you risk placing products and screens too far away from the aisle. This puts too much distance between you and the prospect and they might decide to keeping on walking past.

At Cableflor, we also use the cable management cavity to hide foot-plates. We have a range of bases which integrate directly into modular systems such as Octanorm, Tecna and BeMatrix, as well as custom built elements. The benefit is that you can build straight out of the floor with no visible support or wall returns. So in this case, the flooring is both structural and space-saving. As a result, this opens up new possibilities in stand design.

On a psychological level, a flooring marks out your territory and when a visitor has to step onto it, they are entering your world. Instead of having footfall drift over the corner of your stand as a shortcut to one of your competitors, a raised floor can help prevent it.

In summary, a good re-usable floor system will save you time and money, but it can also have deep-reaching benefits to your show’s success. It is the last event component to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, flooring is no longer something just to walk on and it’s affordable to everyone.

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