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Lighting for Events

See how our lighting products can make a difference

Do you need lighting for events or displays? How you use lighting really does make all the difference. Imagine how the ambience of a room completely changes from warm and cosy to bright and brash depending on where your light comes from.

The same applies to events, stands and retail space. Do you want to highlight your messages and graphics or your product displays? Would underfloor lighting draw customers to your stand? Or if creating an event, how could you use LEDs and different coloured flooring in your design? We have created our floor products with all this in mind and have several lighting options.

LED lighting in square under frosted tiles.

The adaptable nature of Cableflor, allows you to install your lights wherever you wish and in any direction. Either run under our frosted floor or pop out a tile in coloured flooring to install an uplighter.

Use different coloured lighting to work with your scheme or provide walkways and direct footfall. Lighting can be phased to flash, alternate, blink or remain static. All cabling is hidden under the floor system.

Lighting can also be used to great effect elsewhere on your area – light up your furniture, install backlit graphics or erect lightwalls to display your message.

Take a look at our lighting products or contact us for more details and to discuss your ideas for lighting for events.

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