illuminated ramped edging

Cableflor Has The Edge

Whilst we have developed our fantastic cable management flooring to ensure its’ availability in any colour you choose, various finishes and different patterns, we feel that our floor edging should be just as exciting. An unfinished floor is just that; it makes an incomplete stand, a poorly lit space or shows ineffective design. The right choice of edging will allow you to mark your space and literally, give it the edge.

NHS exhibition stand

For this large NHS stand we used rubber edging to contrast the display against the existing floor and to complement the colour scheme. We designed the stand around zones and used a graphic to print the logo on to the floor. The rubber edging simply clips on to the Cableflor tiles with no need for tools.

Run LED light strips underneath our edging to make your area stand out. No matter what size your floor area is, lit edging will ensure your customers see you first. You can also use lighting around furniture or to create zones. This stand used black smooth Cableflor with lit plastic edging in white.

Edging in rubber or plastic, lit or solid.

Choose studded ramped edging to match your studded flooring. This gives a seamless edge to avoid any trip hazards and complies with health and safety. Use all the way around your area or to make a ramp for wheeled access on just part of it. Information on disability health and safety can be found on the HSE website.

These close ups show just some of our edging designs.

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