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Custom Coloured Flooring: Made to your own personal colour

Your own personal colour: Save Time and Money

Not only can we match the colour floor you’ve been looking for, but it will also come with cable management as standard. As a consequence, there is no need to pay for a sub-floor and then a floor covering to go on top of it each time you attend an event. Speed up your installation and save your budget.

Simply give us a Pantone or RAL colour reference and we will make up a sample tab for approval. The MOQ for custom coloured floor is only 40sqm and we will mould the floor in that colour. So instead of a thin printed coating, the floor will be your chosen colour all the way through, which will disguise any accidental scratches.

Mix and Match bespoke flooring

By making a stock of your own personal colour, it is quick and easy to mix in another colour to create walkways or different zones. This can be very effective in helping to direct footfall, so that your visitors can follow the customer journey that you might have laid out.”

In addition, we can also offer LED light tiles that you can position to highlight products or important area. Alternatively, we can also supply underfloor LED channel which can be colour changing or motion sensitive.

The floor is usually the biggest surface area on your site, so why not make it work for you!

Our client was delighted with the result:

“Once again thanks for your help on the last exhibition… it looked great and Alan thought we made a real splash in Europe. The stand looked very different from all the bright white stands of our competitors… even on our massively reduced budget. We really stood out.”

Hey Stud….

If would like a gloss finish on the floor but you are concerned about a slip hazard, then we also have a studded floor. The textured studs give feet something to grip to. As well as this they prevent shoes from scratching the gloss surface – which keeps it nice and shiny. So if you want lots of lovely reflections and sparkle as customers approach your site, then this is for you.

The Circular Economy

If your Cableflor starts to look a bit tired or you want a new colour scheme, please send it back to us for recycling. Plastic was invented for melting down to make new things, so help us to eliminate single use plastics. We can clean it, grind it down and then use it to make some more standard black flooring. In return, we will offer you a £5 discount per square metre off your next purchase.

There is more information on this link:…erials-and-products/plastics 

For a really cost-effective floor solution with cable management, click here for more details:…ct/smooth-custom-colours



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