slim and freestanding vertical plant wall

Living Plant Walls for Offices – vertical green walls!

Living plants walls for offices

Living plant walls for offices will help your employees feel well in the workplace by connecting with nature.  To reduce stress biophillic design incorporates the human need to feel part of the natural world. However, this has been neglected in recent decades. We see less greenery in and around our cities than ever before.

Harsh interiors, lack of natural light and noisy man-made environments in offices can all contribute to fatigue and lethargy. Therefore, it’s no surprise that responsible companies are looking at ways to ensure their staff feel good at work, such as a vertical green wall.

Modular Plant Wall Solution

Make a difference to your office environment with our new Living Plant Walls.  We designed them together with Verti-Grow, experts in office plants and vertical green walls.  Because our unique flooring can integrate into modular system, the plant wall is kept stable by large underfloor plates. As a result, our unit is only 27cm deep.

Additionally, it is fully irrigated with a water reservoir and a pump contained in the unit. Also, it comes complete with a built in LED grow light for darker rooms. The unit just needs plugging in, there is no plumbing involved.

Use living plant walls as room dividers or monoliths. Add a touch screen to create an eye-catching ‘check-in’ units. Benefits include absorbing pollution, producing oxygen and creating a more serene environment in your workspace. They also subdue sound and improve acoustics.

Portable and easy to install – take it with you when you move

Consider installing some natural green foliage within your office.  Help reduce stress and increases productivity and happiness.  How about one for the new year to start your journey in biophilic environment care?

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