Sky Sports – Mobile TV Studio

This summer we were contacted by Sky Vehicle Technology who were looking to create mobile TV studios for premier league football matches.  They needed a portable floor that would not only hide the cables required for the central illuminated table, but also a smooth surface for their cameras which could provide an exact grid for software and positional accuracy.

Due to the ability to print any pattern, colour or design direct to our floor,we were able to suit their exact requirements.  In addition to providing the floor, we worked with their design team to create the whole studio using Octanorm modular system, with Chroma Green fabric infills and Cableflor.  The Augmented Reality technology works to create the illusion of a much larger studio for presenters and pundits to sit to analyse the game, whilst at the same time allowing a clear view over the pitch through the rear window of the unit.


We are so delighted that Sky are using these studios successfully.  This is a brand new venture for Sky and Cableflor and it is always exciting for us to expand and grow the uses for which the floor can be applied.  We are continuing to work with the Sky team and are proud to have been chosen to create this effective solution for mobile programming at live events.

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