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Interactive flooring for Incredibles 2

Why use interactive flooring?

Exhibitions and promotions can used interactive flooring to give the display a huge boost. Increasingly, visitors are looking for something to experience or something to do. Aside from completely standing out from any neighbouring displays, by engaging with your visitor you will start to connect with them.

Most people are happy to simply look at displays without ever talking to the exhibitor. They can feel uncomfortable if approached, preferring to walk away rather than being sold to. An experiential display helps break down people’s defences. It can tap into their competitive streak or just their sense of fun. The floor on a display is often the largest surface area, so make the most of it.

Quick Set Up Time, Less in your van

We can print direct to our flooring, which means you can assemble a branded floor in minutes. There is no need to lay an additional floor in top of it, which saves time and money. As a result, it is perfect for promotional tours or roadshows where time is always short. Other benefits are that your team will have less items to fit in their transport or carry inside the venue.

Cableflor is ideal for adding interactive flooring solutions, firstly because of our slim cavity underneath. A larger cavity makes it harder to line components up when in a hurry. Secondly, Cableflor isn’t expensive and it’s easy cut or drill. Additionally, send it back to us at the end of the event and get a discount off your next purchase. We can recycle the material.

Lights, Action!

We were approached by an agency looking for interactive flooring for the launch of the Incredibles 2 movie. The stand was present at sporting events so that people attending could take part. This involved several different requirements for the floor. Four bikes were positioned in front of a large TV screen. The bikes were connected to the screen so that people could compete in a digital race to the screen by riding a bike. The harder they pedalled, the further the light travelled. The first light to reach the screen won and the movie trailer was played.

We cut channels into the floor and dropped in the LEDs so that the bikes could be linked to the screen. Each time the interactive flooring was installed it just had to be connected

To find out more about Cableflor printed floors, click on this link:

Here’s a link to the funniest bits of the film:

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